Transcription of the audio tape from Seance 1-28-13

 Transcription of the audio tape from Seance 1-28-13


“Hi!  Welcome.”

“I am with you. I retreat with hope.”

“Good Evening.”

“Time does not have the meaning for you as it does for those who join you.  I greet each one of you blessed souls.  I accept that another profoundly prolific medium may join you.”

“We’re glad that you could join us this evening.”  (Long pause…)

“I greet you from the Seventh Seat of Wisdom.”

“Thank you.”

”From my being I extend to you the hand of greeting and solace.  It is like rabbits that generate these morsels that we extend to you.  They multiply and in apparent purpose sow their own seeds and blossom evermore.”

“Thank you.  Do you have a name we can call you by?”

(Long pause…)

“On a higher plane of learning we gather to your right and your left.  We embrace and journey with you on your quest for your own holy grails.”

“Thank you.”

“’Ancient’ does not have meaning, for we are all ‘ancient’.  It is a matter of degree of wisdom that we collect.  Wise and learned beings are we.  (Pause…)  Hug.  Huh!” (Pause…)

“Thank you.”

The voice resumed: “A Brotherhood of Light are we: to join all systems of Light.  There is continuity amongst us all.  Sinuous, a wave visits you; and justly.  And you sleep.  You become learned even more.  It is a quest…As though a fireside chat, we divulge what we have learned and acquired, in a duality, as a perception.  There is a lost loved one.  Please extend to her the knowledge that all is well with the little lost soul from the Animal Kingdom.”  (Note: Barbara’s beloved cat companion recently transitioned.)

“Thank you.  Are you open to any questions?  (Pause…)  Sounds like they’re switching.


“Do we have someone new?”

”Now, young man, I am still here.  I like (that) we are beings that grow in intensity, divesting ourselves, as we move forward, by unsheathing the discard and becoming more magnificent in our cloaks of light and wisdom.  We stand before you as the Brotherhood with our shards of truth, divesting to you a pathway home.  Ho (whispered)!  Praying that the workings of our community will open the door so you may see the fruition of the accomplishment of dates (fates?).  Try evermore imbuing yourselves with the attainable life and promise (progress?).”

”Thank you.”

“This instrument must release.  Ho!”

(Pause…Quoting…)”The instrument must release.”

“What distances of time our glorious soul has traveled thus far, stopping to pick up a rose or a rock, putting it in our pocket, and continuing on, these are the precious treasures in our soul.  They shine and release God’s gift to each one of us: for our pathways are always lived well.  It is our own individual choice as to the path we follow, the river that flows.  Do not step on the bank and stop your progress.  Continue forward.  There is a flow that is part of the physical and grows.  It is physical, no matter how etheric it becomes.  This flow –there is an intensity depending on your profession–; however, I assure you, there is no change.  It does not diminish; only our wariness (weariness?) of this physical feel of the universe community (does).  Community is an organism in every flow.  It grows and recedes.  And it generates a combined energy of its own as a colony.

What we put forth greatly affects the whole.  This is the purpose of many of those who have opened a doorway to step through, travel to assist, feel, flow, and change.  Feel the energy.  The choice is indeed yours.  But still progress continues with these pioneers.”  [Pause…]

“Thank you.”

“There is an advancement.  Some call it a new life; others, a plane of fear where so much knowledge that is transmuted into fortuity (which) propels us along not only in the flow of the universe orb, but we alight ourselves, (which) carries us stronger, further, and higher.  If there’s one thing you seek, I will give you the key: Look within your center, your soul.  It is an inner way.  I believe (in) an inner way to achieve the growth up each mountain.  There is a pinnacle that may be reached, children.  And you will grow up that mountain together, raising that point, questioning, observing, understanding, and re-forming (re-founding, re-positing, re-positioning?).  This is the Light that we bring you – the starlight.  In books (reference to The Book of Star Light by White Eagle?), this Light is without.  But do not be distraught.  All Light comes from Me.  Go with grace.  Go with the Light in your heart.  And we will see so much as you do so.  Be well.”

“Peace be with you.  Thank you for joining us.”


“Thank you.

“I have a few moments to bring this through.  Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.  Budding conversations welcome.  Boop!”

“Hah, hah!  Thank you.  I don’t know if that means it’s over or?”

“Ho!  Not yet.”

“OK.  Quoting: ‘Talk amongst ourselves.’  Information is very crisp and clear tonight; the best yet.  Can’t wait to hear the recordings from these “(last sessions); very good information, very strong information.”

“Heh, heh!”

“Hi, Mary!”

”Hi!  Hi!  I really love you.  I have my parasol.  Wave, Everyone!  I can’t see you.  Hi, Don (?) Tom (?)

“Why don’t you play with something on the table, Mary?”

“Yes.  Hello.”  Bartholomew continues, “More phenomena will come in time.  Ho!  Patience is always a virtue.”

“Yes, it is.  I was just offering Mary a toy, that’s all.”

“Practice makes perfect.  Keep that in your memory.  Ho!”


“Ho!  It is I, my boy.  We are laughing [waving?] at you.

“We’ll wave back.”

“Ho!  Better motor control leads to clarity and less confusion.  Passion is not worth a moment.  I bid you, Good Evening but not Good Bye.  May you all be well and prosper.  Ho!”

“Thank you.”

“Welcome to our missing child, missing no longer.  Ho!  Peace be unto you.”

“Thank you.  And to you.”

Transcribed by Karen V.

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