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Trumpet Moved: Seance 10-24-11

Thanks to the recommendation of physical medium John Lilek, we placed a piece of paper under one of the trumpets and drew a circle around it’s edge. John felt that our trumpet had already been moving in previous seances and … Continue reading

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Session with Mikhail #4

Mikhail: Hello Victoria. It is I, Mikhail. Victoria: I asked about having the infrared video camera on during the seances. Infrared cameras emit a very low-level infrared light.  Mikhail: Light is a factor in the knowledge it imparts. For our intents and … Continue reading

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Moving Orbs (Video): Seance 10-24-11

This phenomena occurred in brief spurts over a long period of time. The brief clips with phenomena in them have been edited out of the longer version and put together.  This was our first attempt at using an infrared camera … Continue reading

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Evidential Experiences (Drawing): Seance 10-24-11

“I saw what was a misty light purple shadow of a swirling arm and hand reaching for the horn. Yet (the hand) could not grasp (the horn), it seemed to flow around and through the object. When the lights were … Continue reading

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Lights, Shadows, Trumpet Moved, Footsteps, Orbs, Cold Temperature: Seance 10-24-11

It was a great circle! Much activity and phenomena! No negativity or fear. Here are my impressions: The first thing that caught my eye was the light above (sitter) Maxine (seated to my left) and myself.  I could see sometimes 1, … Continue reading

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Tip: Dramatic Energy Building

A tip I have learned: keep your sitters alert. We had one seance where the energy dropped almost to a flat line. I later learned that some of the sitters were also trying their hand at trance or meditation and … Continue reading

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Photo of Physical Mediums: Seance 10-15-11 at Cassadaga

Photo of physical medium John Lilek and and physical medium Victoria. John is an international Advanced Physical Medium teacher from Ft. Wayne, IN. He specializes in trance, transfiguration, and materialization, and is a mental medium as well. Find him on facebook … Continue reading

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Orb Photos: Seance 10-15-11 at Cassadaga

Orbs photographed in front of seance cabinet.

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Lights, Flashes, Colors, Sounds of Feet Dragging: Seance 10-10-11

I spent a lot of time outside today, sitting in the sun and meditating in the hammock to bring up my energies. 1.             When we started I focused on raising and keeping up my energies by visualizing I was playing … Continue reading

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Evidential Experiences (Drawing): Seance 10-10-11

– By Sitter: Barbara H.

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