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Session #11 with Mikhail: Full Release of Control, Plasma Transfer into a Solid

Mikhail: Thank you for arriving early. We have much to talk about. Release, let go. A state of mind, a state of vibration, it is all the same thing. As you sit in your chair during the seance, focus and … Continue reading

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Session #10 with Mikhail – Adding New Sitters

Victoria: I asked about adding a new Sitter to our circle, and also adding other Sitters as time goes on. Mikhail: Hello Victoria, it is I, Mikhail. Hail and well met! Reduce your questions to a single inquiry, “What would … Continue reading

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Table Tipping

Sitter George in blue plaid shirt, and his daughter in red, explore the physical phenomena of Table Tipping. Wearing a white jacket and dark blue shirt, Sitter Radana looks on from the background.    In this video Sitter George and his … Continue reading

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Medium Takes Control Mid-Seance — Don’t Do This

During the start of a seance I often experience some physical manifestation before I completely lose awareness. Sometimes I can feel mist coming up from my stomach/pancreas area, out of my throat and wrapping down over my lower lip like … Continue reading

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Spirit Flame Card Message

I did a candle rubbing (flame card message) the other night and got startling results. One in particular was a picture of our seance circle. I did a tracing to show what I saw but it doesn’t include everything like … Continue reading

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It was an Ectoplasm Night, Touches, Crystals, Healing, Green Light, Thick Energy: Seance 6-11-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and myself (Karen). First, Victoria gave messages from those in Spirit (omitted). George opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in … Continue reading

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Ectoplasm Notes about Seance 6-11-12

In this Seance the Sitters were most likely expecting our Communicators in Spirit to join us and speak as they have been doing so well recently. Instead, our Spirit associates chose to make this evening all about Ectoplasm. After the … Continue reading

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