Mikhail Spirit Control Introduction

Victoria: I started this communication by listing my concerns and questions and requesting help from my long-time teacher who is in spirit.

Teacher: “Relish the chance to access phenomena of any sort, for it is with great pleasure that we communicate with one another thru the distance and “fog of confusion.” In this matter you will find that purpose and procedure are natural occurrences. It is possible (to produce physical phenomena). Let me introduce you to a fellow associate. His name is ‘Mikhail’.”

Mikhail: “I come to you on the rising of the moon. The crest of a new wave for all humanity includes the vibration of modern times. Rest you concerns at my feet. Long ago, a voice cried out in the dark, ‘Hear me, let me speak! But alas, the times of change had not yet come.’”

Victoria: I was then shown a visual of a clock with its hands moving forward.

Mikhail: “Research, success. As we move into present time we find a likeness, a similarity to the content, intent, and way of words we use here on our plane of living. Move forward in time, you will see results. Backwards is a density, thick with fog. You can use this as a new beginning, a new era.
There are many of those who are interested in bringing this phenomena to the earth plane. We will assist. Dangers are few. We will give instructions and carefully outline details of use and management.”

Teacher: “Use and knowledge go hand in hand. Aspects – a divine sense of purpose resides in everything around us. Our senses we use to perceive changes of state: a touch, a sigh, a whimsical note we hear, a tender beating of a heart.

All of our senses are tools that we use, a mixed bag of sight and sound and feeling to relay communication between souls. A panorama of change, an inkling of connection to each other.”

Mikhail: “Hello Victoria, it is Mikhail. Together we can do great things, together we can do this. I will coordinate the mixture of energies, the vibratory states that are a conduit for ectoplasm enhancement.”

Victoria: Do you know (my guide, guardian, and teachers)?”

Guardian: Victoria, it is I, (your guardian). You will never be alone. In this I promise. You have encountered a being who is keen to produce the event you choose to conquer. We are all here, your family as well, to give guidance and suggestion.”

Victoria: “How should the group proceed?”

Mikhail: “The essence of humanity is caught in a thimbleful of liquid. The vibratory states must be conducive to the matter that resides on our plane. We do see it as matter, of an etheric quality.”

Victoria: “Who will be the medium?”

Mikhail: “Remains to be seen.”

Victoria: “By you or by me?”

Mikhail: “By all of us. We have not yet worked with the individuals. The content is harmony, a harmonic vibration to be achieved.”

Victoria: “Have you done this before?”

Mikhail: “This will be new to myself and others. We study and learn as we go along.”

Victoria: “So you don’t know if you can do this?”

Mikhail (laughing): “I am a master of conundrums – or at least I hope to be.”

Victoria: “Who are you?”

Mikhail: “Victoria, I lived a long time ago but I am in touch with the modern world. We will meet again.”

Mikhail is a youthful-looking man with blonde hair, tall with an average build. He is more pleasant-looking than these pictures I found on the internet, and his hair was slightly straighter and a little longer:

These are an approximation of what Mikhail looks like. I could see him clearly -Victoria

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