Entering Alternative Awareness

Mikhail: Awareness is the key to successfully adapting. An alternative awareness exists. You must enter that reality through the doorway in your mind.

Come to realize the point at which the alternate reality takes hold. When you seep down in trance there is a point of detachment that causes your awareness to come into the plane that you desire. Your will and intent are key factors in producing the exit.

Victoria: How will I recognize this?

Mikhail: Like a (baby) tooth that still sits in its socket yet is barely attached by a thread. It waits only for the impetus to be removed. Sight, sound, feeling, all are conditional on the the place or focus of your awareness.

Exposure to new fabrics of thought bring a cacophany of new dimensions. Let your mind go deeper. Your body, your etheric body, will be the recipient of the vibrational language of that plane.

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