Session with Mikhail #8 – A Lesson

Mikhail: Hello Victoria, it is I, Mikhail. It is with great joy I meet you. Things are moving along quite nicely from usage. Is measurable in phenomena.

Lesson – Come to the start of the race poised and ready for action. Then release and step into the universal flow. It brings your connection to a higher attainment. Release your connection to you physical body and float. Go within – now you have stepped into the plane where I am at. There are others who watch. Common. A return to the edifice awaits you. It is with great pleasure that we greet you upon your return.

I will be watching when you go overseas. Commonality of mediums – like attracts like. You will come to understand the role we each play in ___. To produce ectoplasm is a common goal with others you will meet. Some have a drive, to others a flow. Watch and connect, we will be there. Join the common factor, we will be with you. (I saw a picture: My husband George held a book and turned to a page titles, “Common Elements.”). You will come to understand when you get there.

When I searched for an appropriate picture, I found this book although I have not read it. -V

When the new moon turns, the tide will turn. You will go faster. We will await you in your dreams. Keep going on as you have planned. The best is yet to come. Until next time.

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