Advice From Another Physical Medium

Victoria said that she had spoken with today (5-7-12) with (advanced physical medium) John Lilek, from Camp Chesterfield.  He said that he believed a lot more was happening (in our seances) of which Victoria was not aware.  He said it was particularly important that all the Sitters be in a positive frame of mind and support Victoria.  John said, also, that we should not worry about having lights or recorders.  John suggested that Victoria use the large group room to do some séances in, to sort of “tune it up” for future séances.  He suggested, also, that a plant or flowers and a crystal bowl of water be added to the séance room for additional energy.

He further recommended that Victoria not be concerned that she does not want to hear the voices that she brings through; many or most mediums don’t want to hear them.  John said that her guides are working with her to bring through communications, including speaking in other languages.

By Sitter Karen V.

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  1. Medium Victoria says:

    To my utter surprise we did receive a message in German in Seance 5-7-12. For message and translations see seance on that day.

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