Table Tipping

Sitter George in blue plaid shirt, and his daughter in red, explore the physical phenomena of Table Tipping. Wearing a white jacket and dark blue shirt, Sitter Radana looks on from the background. 

In this video Sitter George and his daughter get assistance from beings in Spirit to manipulate a table and cause it to move and rotate while Sitter Radana looks on. Table Tipping, or Table Turning, is a phenomena in which participants sit or stand around a (preferably wooden) table, place their hands or fingers on it, and experience tipping, turning or traveling of the table without the participants placing any pressure on the table to cause it to move.

Frenchman and author Hippolyte Léon Denizard Rivail (pen name Allan Kardec) studied the phenomenon of Table Tipping. He concluded that some messages received by using a tipping table to  define letters of the alphabet, or receive yes or no answers, were caused by an outside intelligence as the message contained information that was not known.

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