Audio Transcription – Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 10-15-12

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

All: “Hi!  Welcome.”

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

George: “Dawn, will you take care of the…?”

Bartholomew: “I am with you this evening.  I greet you, my friends.  This instrument has released well this evening.  Ho!  Keep up the energy and we will have a vibrant, wonderful time!”

Sitters: “Wonderful.”  “Awesome.”  “That’s great.”

Bartholomew: “Imagine a party. This is a party.  As we meet on a bridge and exchange information and ideas.”

Sitters: “Yes!”

Bartholomew: “I am with you and others surround us.  (They) bring their greetings saying, ‘Ho! Hi-yo!  We greet you upon space and time.  We enter your realm.’”

George: “We’re glad to have you with us.  I have a question…”

Bartholomew: “One moment, young man.”

George: “O.K.”

Bartholomew: “Proponents of investigation into this realm extend their gratitude to you all for assisting and participating in this phenomena under …Ho!  I have a question for you.”

Sitters: “All right!”  “Good.”

Bartholomew: ”Am I in your hearing range?”

Sitters: ”Yes.”  “Absolutely.”  “You’re wonderful, tonight.”

Bartholomew: ”Thank you, dear friends, as are you… Now, our loved ones here, who (are) known to you, (whose lives) have flowered, bring their salutations and love to you.  You may think of it as another realm but, I assure you, we are quite lively and participate in activities we’ve yet to enter with friends and enjoy.  We are always moving and we are for the continuation…ho…of our life’s being.  And this is what I would relate to you.  Life is not discontinuous.  We step from one realm into another.  Life continues and, for most, can be grand.  It is with joy that we return to the realm you reside in to participate in this gratifying relationship with you, together. ”

Sitter: “We are honored.”

Bartholomew: “Your question may be proffered.”

Sitter: “Thank you.  My understanding is that we create a life plan of things we would like to accomplish as we’re on this (higher) plane.  Is that plan changeable by us as we proceed forward?”

Bartholomew: “There is always change in life.  You refer to the record of your existence.  It is like your computer memory but far vaster.  It is a record in the fabric of space.  There is history and intent in a new follow…I can say with assuredness (that) each- and every- one sitting in this room in the realm you occupy…ho…are most decidedly following your ‘Golden Path’.  Change comes into play through the choices and decisions that you pick and choose from (on an) everyday basis.  The intent of your path is open and strong.”

Sitter: “Is that path chosen prior to us returning here?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Indeed.  There is a time of planning for those who have evolved to a certain level of awakening and …”

Sitter: “Thank you.”

Bartholomew: “You do not let me…nature intent on your own…guidance and those who are [being] referenced for you.  There are…ho…those who are wise and quite far along in their role who offer, through kindness, their attention…Ho!  It is they who have remained in our world for long periods of time as you proceed with (perceive?) time to read…”

Sitter: “Thank you.  That’s fascinating.  Does anyone else have any questions?”

Sitter: “Yes, I do.”

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

Sitter: “Yes, thank you.  As my work as a light-worker and healer, I come across so many healers that actually have health challenges themselves.  I was wondering if you could enlighten us [as to] why so many of the light-workers do have either physical challenges –which they do overcome – but is this part of their role as wounded healers?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Dear lady, you have great light around you.  What better way to learn than from experience?  By doing, we relate within ourselves to any trauma and causality and its effects in the mental aspects as well…ho…as your physicality.  By doing, we learn on a soul awareness (level) that is quite vibrant and stays with us as a lesson that we do not forget.”

Sitter: “Thank you.”

Bartholomew: “Healers heal themselves.  This is the process of learning, a part, but a necessary part, for the achievement of (the) group goal.  Gracious one, our blessings and support to you in your continued quest for the fountain of youth.”

Sitters: “Ha!  Ha!”  “Thank you.”  “That’s cute.”  “What was that?”  “Your quest for the fountain of youth.”  “Oh.”  “Anyone else have a question?”

Sitter: “I have a question.”

Bartholomew: “Please ask.”

Sitter: “You said you have lots of activities.  Do you dance?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Absolutely.  We can all kick up our heels from time to time.”

Sitter: “Great!”

Bartholomew: “The physical movement does not cease when you move to our true home.  Lively movement and support and enjoyable hobbies continue to enhance…ho…our life.  Ho!  I will save you a dance.  Ho!”

Bartholomew: “Thank you.  Thank you.”

Bartholomew: “I will be leaving you shortly, but there are still questions you may ask.  Ho! Go ahead.  Next question.”

Sitter: “It’s not really a question.  It’s a request.  I have a little one named Helen who’s not going well emotionally.  I just wondered if you can give me a clue how I can get through to her and help her relax and play like she should?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!  Although I am not technically wise in the ways of one who works in the realm of the animals, I will say this to you.  When you are calm, you emit that state of being outside of your skin.  It hovers around you as energy.  That energy is a belt on (an) electronic field that your small companion will feel when there is direct connection.  The energy field of this little being will be changed/altered to a similar state as what you project.  Ho!”

Sitters: “Thank you.”  ”Thanks very much.”

Bartholomew: “I will take another inquiry.  I know you have one.”

Sitter: “Someone else have a question?”

Sitter: “Can I double dip?”

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

Sitter: “The young ones that are incarnating now, the new children.  They seem to be so sensitive.  They’re being labeled ‘autistic’.  Is there any light you can shine on us [as to] how we can help these young ones better adapt to their physical experience?”

Bartholomew: “Challenges of this nature are not new.  The beings that (incorporate) challenges in life reap great rewards.  From pain comes great learning (and) understanding.  Communication in a new way is fortunate for those that work with the beings in this type of body.  All benefit.”

Sitters: “Thank you so much.”  “Very interesting information.”

Bartholomew: “I must leave you.  I’m bringing greetings from others who stand with you…ho…with all of us.  Know that you are loved and cared for.  Ho!  We salute your enterprise and bid you peace.”

Sitters: “Peace and love to you, too, and to all who help with this process.”

Bartholomew: “We will you release this instrument.  Success to you all.”

Sitters: “Thank you.”

Transcribed by Sitter Karen V.


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