Audio Transcription – Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 11-12-12

Hey, Everybody!  That was a great circle, wasn’t it?  Attached is the transcription of it (By Sitter Karen V):

Bartholomew: “Ho!”

“Hi!  How are you? Welcome.”

“I send [bring] you greetings from the Great Beyond.  We are gathered around you this evening to communicate and share fun and ideas.  Ho!”

“We’re glad you could join us this evening.”

“There are others lined up to speak.  I’d like to address that process [by] which hand-in-hand they come through in substance and by which our minds will trek outside of [themselves].  The entity of that which peruses our minds will shake [loose] in a short time…Mindful we should be of that process.  Ho!”

“Are there things that we can do to help the process?”

“You are doing very well, young man.  It congeals and comes together in its own time very well.  Ho!  I leave you now but I will not withdraw.  Ho!”

“Thank you for all your help…”

”Thank you…”

[Long pause…]

“Emily, we’ll have someone else joining us, if I understood that correctly…”



“I bid you…  You may be far… I welcome your questions and inquiries.  I will attempt to project myself in a manner that all can enter [into the]… ”

“Questions?” George asked.

The voice resumed: “Philosophy.  You have questions?”

“I have a question about organ transplants.  How do you guys feel about them?  Are there more things that we need to know than just the physical compatibility of the organs themselves?”

”This is why I have joined you this evening.  I understand your question: I will give you my viewpoint from my medical and scientific view.  While we will not employ the transference of bodily parts on this plane that we call home, we fully understand the process of transferring a needy organ.  Life is no longer our functionally?  That science has come far; and, in your future, even after you have joined us in the life after life, it will continue to astound and amaze with its accomplishments.  To do this, leaps and bounds will be traveled in understanding the techniques of removal and re-attachment and insertion into that way.  At this point, though, for all grads, all is risk.  To reason why this risk is, is to fight [to establish] within your program of awareness a mental picture of a well-functioning psyche part.  The function from your psyche becomes a physical attachment and employs your endeavor to succeed.   Wherever you can, succor or employ this technique of seeing the newly-installed body parts, or even the damaged parts, as being completely well and whole, fully-functioning in [their] entirety, a healthy part of your system.”

”Thank you.”


”May I, if I understand you correctly, sir, what you’re saying is that between the donor and ‘donee’ [receiver] in the pre-birth planning, the compatibility was pre-determined and determined before the initial karmic impression?”

“Yes, that is often the case.”

“Thank you.”

“Another question?”

“Can you describe the state that we will find when [each of us] leaves our physical body at our death?”

“Hah-hah.  That’s not my intent.  You will have fought and be functioning even if this was not still upon entry into our plane, our fear, if you will.  As time progresses, as you [grow] in understanding and memory of [your] return, you will be able to exercise some control of your form and spirit-truth, I bet.  Do not think me unorthodox within [your] reality but I function as breath in a natural state of One.  There comes a time when the form each of us knows will no longer [be needed].  Therefore, the form that is encouraged on earth is [temporary], that is, at the time you are [reborn], you will shed that mystery that’s with you now.”

“Thank you.


“Does anyone else have a question?”


“Hello.  Greetings.”

“Can I slip in a question?”

“Do it!”

“We always have the feeling in the back of our minds that being on the spirit side of things will ease a lot of the tensions that we’re experiencing in this side of life in the physical form.  Is that actually the correct way of looking at it or are there stresses over on the spirit side, also, as we try to progress there as well?”

“I am stuck here.  I can’t hear you…Hold on to that thought…”

“Messed that one up because there’re questions or something.”

“Ho!”[Long pause…]

“Should we sing?”

“No, I don’t think they’re having an energy issue.  I think what you’re asking – that perhaps pushes on what they are allowed to speak to us about…They’re having to figure out a proper response without violating any rules so…We’ll give them just a minute more…”

John added, “The answer to your question is: wisdom of light gained from each experience on each side [of life] helps us, each in its own way.”

“Well, Bartholomew, are you still with us?”  [No answer.]

“Hello.  Are you there?”

“Over here, the top ring is blinking.  Can anyone see it?” Dawn questioned.

“Yes!  I can see it,” Darlene said.

“The bottom ring is completely obscured,” Emily said.

“Yes, it is from your side,” Dawn replied.

“I think we’re going to try and close because things have changed…” George said.

Transcribed by Sitter Karen V.

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