Bartholomew Answers Questions, A Sitter is Mentioned, Dr. Jeffery, Touches, Sparks, Transfiguration: Seance 7-30-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself, and Radana on the other side of the world. Victoria was in her wheelchair in her cabinet, her broken leg in a cast and sticking out, curtains opened.  There were three additions to our crystal collection: an orange calcite, a gift to me from Victoria and George, a medium-sized quartz Merkaba Master Healer crystal (A.K.A. star tetrahedron crystal), and a wire-wrapped rose quartz crystal blessed by John of God (the South American native healer).  Tonight, we started by doing a chakra meditation led by Victoria.  Then, she started with messages (omitted).

 George then opened the circle with our prayer of protection and songs. Before the finish of the third song, Bartholomew’s voice came through: “Ho!  How are you, my boy?  There are many of us here to speak with you.  We greet you with grace and peace, my friends.  We are so glad to be able to communicate with you across the bridge between dimensions.  Are there questions you wish to ask of me?”  George said that he and Victoria needed to make a quick decision about their trip to England in September to see several physical manifestation mediums as they work.  Should they continue with their plans or cancel the trip?  Bartholomew replied, “Safety is always an issue.  Any decision involves risk because life itself is a risk.”

Sitter Radana

George asked what their day is like?   Bartholomew said, “It’s glorious, magnificent, radiant.”  He continued, “One of your friends from this group is missing tonight (Radana).  She may be on the other side of the world (Czech Republic) finding her niche and reconnecting with family members but, in truth, she’s right here with us; no further away than we, here, are, one from another.”

Emily asked if Bartholomew is also called Nathaniel?  (The names are identified with each other in the Bible)  “Not at the present time.  We here, without the encasement of a physical body, have no need of names in order to recognize one from another.  We know each other by our energies and recognition is instantaneous.”

Bartholomew continued on:  “We spend our time continuing to study and learn there (on the Other Side) and also continue with our research and development on earth as well (If they return to earth).  Knowledge is never wasted but is built upon to rise to other dimensions.”

Patience is a Virtue!

George asked if they could do what they do (physical manifestations) with a light on?  Bartholomew replied, “The time is not yet right.  Be patient.”  George came back with, “Oh, no, there’s that “P” word again — patience!”  Bartholomew, then, replied,  “Yes, my boy.  We have to learn patience here as well.”

George said, “Phooey, we thought you partied all the time on your side.”  Bartholomew said, “We do have social interaction groups that meet often.  Social interaction is very important to us.”  1

For the most part, it was hard to hear most of the conversations.  George could barely hear; I caught a word here and there; and Emily couldn’t hear at all.  Emily asked if the crystals helped raise the energy level in the room?  Bartholomew replied that crystals conduct energy by letting the energy flow through the stone so they do help to amplify the energy.  He said that he would work on raising the volume of the voices if we would work on raising our own energy levels, which will make it easier for the conduit (the medium).

Emily asked if it would help them if we moved closer to the cabinet, so we all could hear better?  Bartholomew seemed to think it would be a good idea if we did move closer in a semi-ring around Victoria.

A new voice came through: he said his name was Jeffrey (Geoffrey?) and he’s a medical doctor.  He never worked as a doctor on our plane of existence but he’s been studying human anatomy on the Other Side and practices there.

Barbara asked if her husband, Rick, will have help when he transitions?  Bartholomew assured her that he (they) will not be alone.  Bartholomew commented that some people don’t recognize that a change has occurred because the transition is so smooth and easy.  All that they are aware of is movement and travel.  He (Rick) may need time to become aware of and to adjust to the changes.  Some people are held here on earth by chains (of love or hate, for instance) that keep them from leaving and “going with the flow.”

Shiri came through.  Victoria was doing transfiguration right after we opened the circle and one of the faces was definitely Shiri’s.  We have asked for her to join us at each séance.  It seemed like Shiri was, also, trying to send her voice through, without success at this time.  We told her to keep trying, as we know she can do it, without a doubt.  Shiri has (had) a very strong will.  No doubt she will accomplish whatever she wants to accomplish.

Besides the voices, I was touched on my nose – all of a sudden, it was itchy and I had to rub it.  Also, Emily and I heard heavy breathing behind her, though there was no one there.  Emily later said that she believed it was her husband, who had transitioned years ago.

Barbara saw sparks around the room.  George saw a spirit between Victoria and himself.  I saw bright blue or indigo light around Victoria’s face.  Also, while the transfigurations were occurring, Victoria’s face looked smooth and white, like a blank, convex piece of porcelain.

George asked if we might expect to see additional kinds of physical manifestations occur in the future, or if the voices would be the main focus?  Bartholomew said, again, “Patience, my boy.”  George said, “There’s that “P” word, again!”  Bartholomew continued, “It takes time to master such abilities.  When you are on the Other Side you’ll learn to manipulate time and move easily between dimensions.  It’s not what you humans think it is (time).  Events on many levels happen simultaneously.”

George also asked if they needed it cold to accomplish the manifestations.  They talked about something, then asked if that answered the question?  George re-phrased the question: did they need the AC left on or could he get the room cold ahead of time and, then, turn off the AC?  Bartholomew agreed with that.  George asked if we should go ahead and get rid of the table/altar and move closer to Victoria?  Bartholomew agreed with that suggestion as well.

When Victoria returned, she said that Mikhail was still there, standing in front of her.  He had taken her to the caverns again, the crystal caverns, sort of silvery-white in appearance, glowing, with an invisible “gate” or “flame” barrier to the Other Side.  Emily suggested that Victoria read a particular book about certain South American mayan caverns that are supposed to be a direct link to the Other Side.

NOTE:  According to Joseph McMoneagle’s book,  The Ultimate Time Machine, as a remote viewer for Robert Monroe, at the Monroe Institute, the main reason that Jesus came to earth was to impress on man the importance of interaction, between people, between groups, between good and bad; i.e., it’s the key to raising man’s vibrations because no one group has the truth.  Truth is an interaction of good and bad and bits of truth from many groups.

By Sitter Karen V.

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