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The purpose of this blog is to document and communicate our continuing progress in physical mediumship. When I first started to research this type of mediumship, I found countless websites, books, and downloadable books and articles dedicated to the subject. Unfortunately, most information was written by the sitters – those who watched, were amazed at the phenomena and evidence, and who, other than a few cursory mentions, had absolutely no idea how it was done.

It took a great deal of “weeding through” these sources to find the few that originated from actual physical mediums. In the past, many people assumed that mental mediumship was a gift that only a select few had received by birth. This assumption has proven not to be true, and I have taught many, many people to access their own intuitive, psychic, and mediumship abilities (this is not unique, there are countless people doing the same thing all over the globe). Mental mediumship is not considered to be limited to a select few any longer.

The same holds true for physical mediumship. Many physical mediums have held their techniques as closely guarded secrets, protecting their security, their revenue source and their glory. Some have simply made no attempt to disseminate the “how to” to those in the general public, and others may not have devoted themselves to analyzing how they achieved their phenomena deeply enough to teach others. “I just do it,” they say. There is also the concern of persecution from others who are not well informed or who do not share a similar view point, and this can significantly block the flow of information.

I have come to find out that, with dedication and effort, physical mediumship is attainable… if you know what to do and are willing to put in the considerable time and effort to do it. It can take a long while to develop your ability (Alexander Stewart took twelve years of sitting in circles before he produced phenomena. Most of us don’t have that kind of time! lol). However, with the flow of communication open, the ridiculously long period of trial and error, of attempts and folly, can be drastically reduced.

This is the reason I have created this blog. Here I, and others, will document our successes and failures, and ultimately share the working techniques that we have learned first hand. I invite you to communicate with me your comments and suggestions. I am genuinely interested in your progress and will support you in any way I can. Some teachers have lectured me, saying, “If you know ten things about a subject, only teach two or three. Never let the student surpass the master.” I am of a different opinion. It is my greatest joy to see my students and fellow mediums increase their abilities and even pass me by. We are the light on the table for all to see. And, when you do transcend, I would love to be a sitter at your seance!

By Medium Victoria

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  1. Barbara Harrison says:

    Can’t wait for the medium John Lilek to arrive and the workshops to begin. It is only for 3 days, July 16 to 18 2012. Seems so far away. My understanding is there will be readings, seances and a Clairvoyance class. Finally Sarasota has some new activity in the Psychic channels. I can even afford to take the sessions at $25 each unless I want a reading which is $50. This will be a popular event that I can’t miss. Thank you for offering the chance to meet with an experienced Medium.

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