Cold, Disappearing Bands, Cloudburst Energy, Touching, Bartholomew Speaks: Seance 12-10-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Radana, Dawn, , Barbara, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table to the left of the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night select crystals were back in place. Victoria started out with messages for each of us (omitted).

It got quite cold in the room near the start. I had a sharp pain in the middle of my upper left arm which went away after awhile. There was much activity tonight: something continued to move between the trumpet and me (the upper band appeared, disappeared, appeared, etc. There were cloudbursts of energy between the trumpet and me – colored energy –, orange cloud, green cloud, yellow cloud, indigo wisps. There were, also, ripples of energy above my eye-line – dark ripples of energy. It’s funny but appropriate that I describe the energy as cloudbursts because we were experiencing an actual rain/thunder-storm at the time.

There was much touching. I was lovingly patted on the right shoulder and the right knee and forehead. I think, now, that it was Shiri. Radana said that she was touched on the face. I don’t remember anyone else saying that they were touched.

Even before we finished singing the third song, “You Raise Me Up”, Bartholomew came through, bringing us greetings and well-wishes from the many hopeful communicators. He mentioned philosophy and that, literally, we are standing on the “String Theory”. We should be aware of what we are creating with our every thought, as that “thought is like an arrow of direct connection to a particular point somewhere in the universe. We can make happen what we want to happen by directing our thoughts toward that end. Our thoughts do not happen in a vacuum – they cause something else to happen which causes another connection, etc. We are all related and linked by our thoughts. We need to be aware of what we are sending out into the world.”

“If we experience sadness, we don’t have to accept sadness. We are not limited. We have a choice. We can choose an alternate way of relating to the event that we first reacted to with sadness.” At this point, John asked a question, which I cannot remember, nor the answer.

At the end of the circle, I smelled a slightly sweet/fruity scent (pear is the word that came into my mind). At one point, Victoria (or the voices) coughed several times. It caused Victoria to snap back into her body. She said that that was not a good thing to have happen.

By Sitter Karen V.

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