Cold, Shadow, Horse, White Energy, Trumpet Bands Shadowed, Bartholomew Speaks About Organ Transplants, After Death: Seance 11-12-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Darlene, Barbara, Radana, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table between the sitters and the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night all the crystals were back in place. Victoria gave messages (omitted).

Barbara saw a shadow behind her.  Victoria was nauseous; Barbara was nauseous; Darlene was nauseous.  I saw a white horse’s head between Victoria and George.  Barbara saw lots of white energy around Victoria.  Dawn and Emily saw the top of the trumpet flash and the luminous bands on the trumpet disappear and reappear as if a “shadow” moved between the trumpet and them.  Also, I saw the shadow move between the trumpet and myself.  Darlene, also, saw the flashing lights at the top of the trumpet.

Before we finished singing the third song, “You Raise Me Up”, Bartholomew came through.  He said that he greeted us with great regard from the Great Beyond and that he represented a large group of spirits who want to work with us to achieve our goal.  Just as we are learning how to raise the energy level and sustain it, so are they on the Other Side.  He said he was going to leave us shortly but he would continue his efforts[?].  Then, a new voice came through, with a different accent, and different vocabulary and a different way of speaking.  The new voice, without giving us a name, said he would do his best to answer our questions.  I asked my question about organ transplants – how they felt about transplants and was there more involved in the process than just the physical compatibility of the organ?

I found it difficult to “get into” the rhythm of his speech (he seemed to be speaking very slowly and drawing out each word).  He suggested that many unbelievable things are accomplished on earth and we should always be positive about what is, or might be, occurring.  He pointed out that what occurs between donor and receiver is planned out ahead of time on the Other Side, so that each participant is aware of what is or will be happening.  There are no accidents or coincidences.  Changes may occur, though, if both sides agree.

Dawn asked the speaker to describe what happens and the surroundings we experience immediately after death?

The spirit replied that from the moment of death here on earth to our arrival on the Other Side is a seamless moment.  “One moment you’re here [on earth]; the next moment you’re there [on the Other Side].”  And, we’re not even aware that there has been a change.  For a period of time when we arrive on the Other Side we are re-learning everything we knew on the Other Side before we incarnated, and re-orienting ourselves to that knowledge.  “That does not happen overnight.”

Finally, Emily wanted to know if the positive things we’ve heard about life on the Other Side are the reality or if there are stresses to be dealt with there just as there are here?

Silence.  We waited several minutes for an answer but no response was forthcoming.  So we sang our closing song while George talked Victoria back.  She did not experience a good return as she came back nauseous.  Several others were, also.  When Victoria came out of the cabinet, Dawn sat in it and was immediately enveloped in nausea, as well as something that was occurring in her sinus area.  I tried sitting in the cabinet as well, but I did not feel nauseous.  (I was continuing to experience the heartburn I’d been feeling all evening.

It was quite cold this evening.  It was obvious that the spirits were present and relished the cold.

By Sitter Karen V.

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