Crystals, Bartholomew and Mary Speak, Flash of Light, Brief Mist, Energy Fluctuations: Seance 6-18-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, and myself (Karen).   Today, butterflies, and especially dragonflies, were out in great numbers munching on swarms of baby mosquitoes (dragonflies symbolize illusion).

As soon as I sat down in the circle and picked up the particular crystals I decided to hold that night, my left arm started hurting.  First, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

George turned off the lights and opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Andrea Bocelli, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban. Before we were finished singing the latter song, Bartholomew’s booming voice broke through, saying. “Ho!  It is I, my boy!”

George said we were here and how was everyone tonight?  “Fit and fine.  Like a crest of a wave.”  His voice was loud and clear, then later, faded in and out.  All of us thanked him for coming.  There was some noise, kind of high-pitched, and George asked him if someone else was there, perhaps Mary (who had come through in a previous circle)?  “My dear boy, I’m still here.”

Then, we heard a high-pitched woman’s voice come through.  George asked if it was Mary?  “Yes, it is I.”

Then, a third voice tried to break through but the voice was barely a whisper and was impossible to understand.  George believed the voice said that she wanted to play an instrument.  George mentioned that we had several around – a toy piano, harmonica, rattle, trumpets, etc.

 George asked, also, what we could do to help with the manifestations and communications.  In order to raise the energy level, George said we should all take a deep breath and release it.  I heard Bartholomew mention the word “laughter”.  One of the voices said that the mechanics of the process was not easy.  George asked if ectoplasm was being used?  No answer.  Then, Barbara said something about the ups and downs of the energy level being a problem (in the room).  Bartholomew responded with, “Give that girl a gold star!”

I was holding a lightning stick (crystal) in my right hand and a small, clear star tetrahedron Merkabah crystal in my left hand.  I started directing Reiki energy through the crystals to Victoria and to the spirits.

George asked Bartholomew if Shiri was there.  Silence.  The energy changed as if Bartholomew had left the area to go looking for Shiri.  At that point, George asked Mikhail if it was time for Victoria to come back.  Mikhail said it was, so George called Victoria back with the sound of his voice.  Barbara and I sent Reiki energy to Victoria to help ease the process.

Occasionally, I saw flashes of light, motion, and color out of the corner of my eye.  Barbara said that she had, also, out of the corners of both eyes.  I had the feeling that my last Westie (dog), Lacey, was there.

Victoria said that Mikhail had taken her to the crystal caverns, once again.  They showed her a star in the sky (or ceiling of the caverns) and how the energy from each star converged on one tiny point of light below (on earth).

Victoria said, also, that my dad and Radana’s grandparents’ cousin, had remained for the entire circle, instead of stepping back once the messages were over.

As far as phenomena went, it was a relatively quiet night.  No one seemed to have been touched.  I did not see any orbs or sparkles or points of light, just a dense, white mist or two.  The trumpet stood quietly, unused.

The thermostat read 78 degrees when we started but it seemed very cold from the first moment we walked into the séance room.  However, no one complained of being cold.  When Victoria “came back,” she complained about how hot she felt.  We all felt her hands and they were hot but George said her face and arms were cool.  No smells or sounds were mentioned.  Perhaps, each of us let our respective personal issues distract us from our focus.

By Sitter Karen V.

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