Crystals, Bartholomew the Poltergeist? Raps, Questions Answered: Seance 8-13-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  Victoria was in her wheelchair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  We moved the altar table from the center of the circle to near the backdoor and moved the chairs in a semi-circle close around Victoria. I grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s wheelchair and stool and several healing crystals around her foot and inside her leg cast.  The largest crystal ball (a gift from Jamie Luquette) was between the cabinet and sitters.  The basket of crystal and Lemurian crystal laser wands was between the sitters with the crystals aimed at Victoria and the cabinet.

Tonight, Victoria started with a short meditation to bring us all into harmony after a tough week.  As part of the meditation we were to look to our right side and see the spirit person who wished to connect with us.  He/she would place some object in our right hand as a token.  We were to feel it and connect with it.  For me, it was a smooth stone that came to a point, possibly a diamond-shape that gave off a bright purple aura.  We can connect with this item anytime we wish. Victoria gave messages (omitted).

I could not see Victoria’s  face tonight but was aware of the movement of energy: white mists and sparkles at the top of the cabinet and all around it; prepared a red light just in front of Victoria’s face (but left it off for now); white mists and sparks around Barbara; white mists and sparkles around George’s head and shoulders; a sort of white cloud (more like green- and white-spikes of hair emanating from Emily’s head (Victoria commented on it and I saw it); a green, then indigo, ring around Victoria’s head.

George, then, turned down the red light leaving it on brightly enough to try and get some pictures of Victoria’s face.  Then, he opened the circle with songs, forgetting the prayer of protection.  In the midst of “In the Garden”, Victoria – and Barbara – started breathing heavily.  In the midst of “You Raised Me Up”, Bartholomew came through with a strong “Ho!  Here am I, my friends, right here with you on your plane of existence.”  “Ho!  Welcome.  Thank you for coming”, we all said.  George asked, immediately, if it was all right to leave the light on?  “No, it’s not yet time. Do not release the light.”

George asked about the clicks and taps we have heard sometimes:  “We sometimes hear clicks….”  Bartholomew responded with, “Are you calling us poltergeists?”  We all laughed at that.  “Sometimes, the mechanics of the systems we work with on our plane of existence carry over to your plane of existence as vibrations or audible phenomena.”

Bartholomew asked, then, if any of us had any questions about the workings of the universe on their or our plane of existence?”  None of us sitters could think, immediately, of any appropriate questions.  Bartholomew said, “Come, come, surely someone has questions about life on our plane of existence or the secrets of the universe?”

Emily piped up with, “Can I ask a question?”  “Yes, young lady.  Speak up.”  “Can I contact some of the wonderful veterinarians I’ve known who are now in spirit?”  “Excellent question.  You can contact them through the angelic realm.  Just think of them and they will be close and they will answer your questions.”

George asked if they were aware of the health concerns of the medium?  Bartholomew replied, “We are well aware of the damage to the tissue and we are attempting a healing of the vessel of the plasma.  It’s a complicated undertaking (the last sentence is in my words -K).”

Barbara asked if dancing and singing were helpful to raise the vibrations?  Bartholomew replied, “We like to watch the dancing.  How helpful the dancing is, energy-wise, depends on it being in harmony with our use of certain elements to manipulate the energy.”

I asked if he could explain the concept of soul-mates to us?  “You were questioning whether you have a soul-mate, and I can assure you that you do.  A soul-mate is like one aspect of a soul and you are another facet of the soul.  We may range across space and universes and visit other worlds; however, each of us is always connected to the core.  We are connected to the Source – and to our soul-mate(s) – like a puppet on a string: but not a puppet: we have the control although we remain connected always.  We are always aware of this other aspect of ourselves, our astral soul, aware that we share this connection on both ‘sides’ of life.”

When George talked Victoria back, the scent of sweet perfume mixed with the sweet scent of food, permeated the air.  I smelled it but apparently no one else detected it.  Victoria said her grandmother was there.

Bartholomew’s voice was quite clear tonight, although it did fade out, sometimes.  The volume was much better.  Bartholomew confirmed that they had been working on their side to increase the volume.  At one point, when his voice started to fade, Bartholomew broke in with, “Sing!”  George suggested that we sing “Do-Re-Mi” and we all did, hoping to raise our vibrations.

We told Victoria about the healing the spirits had done on her.  She said that she was aware that she had been touched on her leg, under the cast.

There were other manifestations, as well.  At the end of the séance, we checked the magic tablet/pad and there were markings on it;  also, the Egyptian scarab that was in my fetish purse under my chair ended up on the floor behind all of us, away from the group.  There were taps and knocks that sounded like they were coming from outside or upstairs above us.  (There is no upstairs above us.)  Emily heard some knocks coming from the front room.  (Nothing was missing.)

By Sitter Karen V.


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