Crystals, Visits from Bartholomew, Mary, Lady Jane, Edwin, Energy Clouds, Shooting Stars, Touches, Cold, A White Spirit: Seance 5-14-12

I gave each person two crystals or stones to hold, if they chose.  For Radana, malachite and/or an elestial crystal cluster; for George, a green obsidian with perlite pyramid and/or a smokey quartz crystal celestial with rainbows and occlusions of hematite and mica; for Barbara, a flame aura crystal cluster and/or moldavite; for Maxine, a rose quartz crystal ball and/or a blue phantom quartz crystal cluster; none for Victoria (she had a Lemurian laser wand window quartz crystal and a Faden quartz crystal under her chair; and for myself, an apophyllite pyramid crystal and a smokey quartz with mica and rainbows manifestation crystal.

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, Maxine, and myself. First, Victoria gave messages (omitted). After the messages, I asked if I could ask a question?  Could someone who is still alive on this plane astral travel and visit our circle?  Everyone agreed that it’s possible.  I explained that I thought that that was how Terry’s (my husband’s) mother had appeared.

George opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed and we “om’d” and sang the usual three songs.  Victoria started breathing quickly as we sang “In the Garden”.  We invited our guides and guardians, spirit friends, mediums, mediums-in-spirit:  Shiri, Norman, Florence Scovill Shinn, Stewart Edward White, Betty White, Clen Clendenning, John Edwards, John Lilek, John Holland, Elizabeth Kubler Ross, “White Horse”, “Horus”, Dorcas, etc.

Victoria channeled voices immediately.  Bartholomew came through loud and clear.  He said something about there being lots of spirits present, and ready to communicate.  “We’re all here.”

A high-pitched woman’s voice came through, singing an unfamiliar song.  George asked if it was “Mary”?  No response.  Then, he asked for a name.  No response.  He then asked Bartholomew if Bartholomew knew who the singer might be?  Bartholomew answered, “Lady Jane”.

Another male voice came through, “Edwin”.

It was pretty quiet in the room as we were all concentrating on hearing what the voices were saying, so George asked what they did on the other side.  Bartholomew replied that they were “busy, busy, very, very busy with social obligations and all”.

Bartholomew or Edwin commented that time was not the same on this plane as on theirs, saying, “The currents of time are coming closer together.”

Then, Edwin said something about “stepping through” and it not being “as easy as it seems” to communicate from the Other Side to this plane.

When we started singing, I noticed that, as in some previous sessions, there seemed to be multitudes of voices that joined us.

There were great “billowing clouds” of energy in the room.  I was aware of an oval form or aura (green) above the altar and a triangle of deep purple aura below it.  Also, I saw shooting stars of light to my right (between Maxine and me).  George said he was seeing lots of energy between Victoria and himself.

We welcomed Shiri to the circle.  Barbara mentioned that she was wearing a crystal from Shiri.  I commented that I was carrying Shiri’s ankh cross pendant.

I was touched on my upper left arm.  Barbara was touched on her shoulder.  George was touched on his head and right cheek.  Radana was touched on her shoulder.  Maxine did not remember having been touched.

I focused the apex of the apophyllite pyramid crystal I was holding towards Victoria, sending her and the spirits additional energy.  (We weren’t talking or laughing as much this session.)  Maxine felt that the blue quartz crystal made her feel jittery, like she couldn’t sit still.  Barbara, also, felt jittery.  Perhaps, the crystals generated TOO much energy?

Barbara and Radana remarked how cold the area between them was.  At one point, I remarked how cold it had become around my feet.  Spirit dogs, perhaps?  Maxine felt that it was really cold to her right, between her and Radana.  Both she and Radana saw a white spirit between them, very tall, who stepped back into the shadows as George brought the lights up.

  Not one of us had thought to invite in Hans Bender, the German professor of Parapsychology, who had appeared after the last circle!

Personal Notes: During the Message part of the evening my Mom (in spirit) asked if I was working with numbers.  I said, “Yes, I was doing numerology.  Is that what you mean?”  She said that that was good; it’s a good way to connect with others and to live my purpose.

-By Sitter Karen V.

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