Disembodied White Arm, Slate Picture, Movement, Shadows, Shooting Star: Seance 11-7-11

Circle tonight was good.  As Maxine said, the atmosphere felt very comfortable and good, safe and positive.

The first thing that caught my eye was a disembodied white arm in the center of the circle reaching downwards. Again, as previously, I could see the 4 illuminated bands on the trumpet and the 4 small lights at the top like a guitar “head”.  There was someone or something between the trumpet and me such that bands 3 and 4 (starting from the narrowest part of the trumpet) stayed visible the entire time; while bands 1 and 2 totally disappeared; re-appeared; disappeared; and re-appeared.

I was aware of a lot of movement to my right (in particular) and in front of Maxine and Barbara (who were to my right) and the open part of the room.  I felt that it was Victoria moving around out-of-body.  This area had a good feeling about it:  it was shadowy but not dense; it seemed to have a white aura first which later changed to a yellow aura and later still a sort of green aura.

Heard the AC come on with a thud.  Felt very warm air in front of my face and very cold air by my feet.

Briefly, I held my hands up sending Reiki energy to Victoria.  Then later, I had my hands on my deerskin bag of crystals and stones and I directed that energy to Victoria.

 The magic slate was clear when we started (I cleared it to be sure).  At the end of the circle there was a duck visible from Sheila’s point of view (she was seated across from me) in the upper left of the magic slate.

I did not notice any lights on or near the ceiling this time.  I did, however, see a flash of light(s) like a shooting star(s).  It was a very quick movement.

I heard someone’s tummy growling to my left.  (George and Victoria were to my left and Redonna was across and to my left.)

Personal Notes: Spent the day clearing brush and dead bamboo branches from the side yard with Terry.  Got plenty of fresh air.  Listened to Strauss waltzes while cleaning inside the house.  Nothing lifts my spirits more than listening & dancing to Strauss waltzes.

A few of our group watching a wall projection. We often play a karaoke video before going into the seance room, in order to start the raising of energy and to ease the discomfort of sitting in a long seance. Sometimes, as here, we can all view orb or phenomena photos or videos from prior seances.

(Before seance started) we danced to a (music video of a) dog & hippo singing and dancing.  Don’t remember what the song was but the laughter lifted our spirits. When we got into the (seance) room, we sang “I’ve Been Working On the Railroad” and “B-I-N-G-O”.   George said a prayer of protection, stating our purpose and asking for the white light of protection all around us and inviting only good spirits with good intentions.

I started singing “How Much Is That Doggie In the Window” to myself and later visualized throwing the ball to McKenzie (my Westie) to catch to bring up my energies.  I started out wearing the cowboy hat so that when Victoria was out of body she could use it as a kind of “marker” as to where she was.  After Victoria was “out”, the idea was to pass the hat to someone else to wear which Victoria could use as proof that she was indeed seeing us although she was out-of-body.  However, the hat kind of crunches when you move it, so I decided it would be too noisy to pass around and it stayed on my head. 

 – By Sitter Karen V. 

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