Energy Lights, Trumpet Lifts, Fast-Moving Orbs, Out of Body: Seance 11-14-11

Tonight, circle consisted of George and Victoria, Peg, Maxine, Barbara, and myself.  Instead of karaoke before the circle, after prayers, George played a tape of music and we all sang along to “American Pie” and some reggae/rhumba song that I don’t know the name of.  Energy seemed high.

The energy to my left (in front of Maxine and Peg) seemed particularly high with an aura of white light; later yellow light; and, eventually, green light.

The area to my right (in front of Barbara) also seemed like very high energy.  Victoria’s movements out-of-body also seemed more energetic and different than previously.  I’m not sure in what way it seemed different – faster movements, perhaps, and moving higher up in the air, possibly?

I had my hands up sending Reiki energy to “the medium” when it occurred to me that the energy might go to Barbara or Peg, instead, so I tried to direct the energy more specifically to Victoria without using her name.

The light in the room seemed especially bright, as did the bands on the trumpet.  The 3rd band from the top (the narrowest part) was not visible except for a narrow strip on the far left of the band.  At the very top, I only saw 2 small lights.  The other bands were clearly visible.  Then, the level of light in the room seemed to get very bright, then dimmed way down, and the bands on the trumpet disappeared.  Maxine said she saw the trumpet lift up.  I didn’t see that.

Having the music tape playing was good for energy levels but I felt like I had to stop moving to the music in order to see anything that might be happening, and that was hard.  The spirit(s) seemed attracted by the music.  I think I felt my father there singing and dancing to the music.  I didn’t hear any particular sounds, except for the AC coming on, and someone to my left, snoring.

I do remember seeing large areas of light here and there to my left and right, rather like fast-moving orbs of light, such that their shapes were blurred or uneven, more so than previously.  I felt that there was lots of energy in the room.  I also saw more brightness around Victoria than I had previously seen.

The room was quite cold, again.  I did not feel cold, although it seemed cold all around me, except in front of my hands.  (That area seemed much warmer.)

Personal NotesSpent the day clearing brush and dead bamboo branches from the side yard with Terry.  Got plenty of fresh air.  Read the “Sedona Journal of Emergence”, an old issue from Ruth.  Wore my brightest golden yellow blouse for tonight’s circle.

– By Sitter Karen V.

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