Energy Swirl, Bartholomew Speaks and Answers ‘Life Plan’ and ‘Healing’ Questions: Seance 10-15-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Carrie, Darlene and myself.  George relocated the cabinet to its original corner of the séance room, with the sitters forming a tight semi-circle around the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  We grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and some between the sitters. It felt less crowded than last week and more comfortable.  Victoria commented that the energy in the room was very comfortable and high energy.  She said she felt very comfortable.  Victoria did messages with a red light on (most of the time).  There was a large area of swirling energy in front of the cabinet, which I saw as white and Dawn saw as green; Darlene was just aware of movement.  Victoria welcomed Harry Edwards and Shiri, as well as our families and friends and mentors in spirit.  Mentally, I welcomed Shiri and Jamie Luquette.

George read our opening prayer and we om’d three times and sang our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raised Me Up”.  During the singing of the songs, we all heard heavy breathing.  I thought it was Victoria doing her holotropic breathing (although it sounded like it was coming from a place well in front of the cabinet); Carriee thought it was Emily breathing heavily; Emily wasn’t sure where it was coming from; and Dawn and George thought it was Carriee breathing heavily.

When Bartholomew came through, his voice was very clear with volume to spare.  “Ho!  Greetings and a hiedy-ho!  To all of you from those of us from another dimension, as we meet on this bridge, we tell you we are right here with you on your earth-plane.  It is most gratifying to be here and to share this communication.  The instrument released easily tonight.”

George said he had a question.

“Not so fast, my young friend.  We have not yet completed our task of molding the ectoplasm into an instrument most conducive to our communication.”  Bartholomew said, “I have a question for you.  How is the volume tonight?  Can everyone hear all right?”

We all replied, “Oh, yes!”

Bartholomew, then, said to George, “You have a question?”

George asked, “Do we plan our life while we’re on the Other Side?  If so, can the life plan be changed?”

“Life is always subject to change.  A life plan is not written in stone (my words).  It can be changed at any time, according to a person’s desires and requirements.”

Then, Emily said, “I have a young one, named Helen, who needs help.  She has an emotional problem.  How can I best help her deal with this problem?”

Bartholomew answered that he really had no expertise in dealing with animals but that he would do his best.  He recommended that when Emily is calm, that that calmness emanates from her aura and that energy will permeate Helen’s aura, also, when she and Emily are in close connection.

Carriee said that she had a question.

“Yes, gracious lady, go ahead with your question” said Bartholomew.

“Why is it that so many healers seem to be dealing with illnesses, conditions, or health issues of their own?  Why aren’t they able to heal themselves?

Bartholomew’s answer was that nothing is a better teacher than personal experience.  “Having experienced illness themselves not only makes them better healers, but, also, more compassionate ones.”

Carrie asked a second question.  “Why is it that some of the children coming in now are so sensitive to their environments; i.e., autistic children, in particular?”

“There are those who choose to experience difficulties in this life or to work with those experiencing such difficulties because they are learning to communicate and relate in new ways and they are learning compassion to deal with others experiencing similar problems/situations.”

Bartholomew, then, said it was time for them to leave, but they look forward to working with us again to create the phenomena and ectoplasm.  George had planned for us all to sing a new, closing song to facilitate Victoria’s return, but none of us knew the song well enough to keep the energy going.  Finally, George went back to counting up for Victoria and she came back easily, feeling really good; just the opposite of last week’s experience.  She said she stepped back easily (from her body) and watched while they “took over”.  In fact, Mikhail and her guides did their best to facilitate her moving out of body quickly and easily so that the energy can be used to produce the ectoplasm and phenomena that is our goal.

By Sitter Karen V.

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