Energy Tentacles, Shadows, Touch, Whistle, Smell: Seance 9-12-11

It was fantastic tonight.  I saw so many phenomena:

1.             Above my head and above Amber’s head (she was to my left), and actually above most everyone’s head, near the ceiling, there were large, luminous circles of white light.  I was kind of surprised and pleased to see one above my head – I felt it had to do with the high energy level I felt in myself tonight from:  laying in the sun?  bringing the large crystal cluster?  Relaxing for the day?  Humming silently a song the spirits wanted to hear (I recognized it – they gave me the tune – but I didn’t know the name of the tune til later – Moulin Rouge).  Anyway, it was so cool because suddenly tendrils of this white light energy started bouncing down to me.

2.             Then the top (smallest) band of luminous tape on the large standing horn (trumpet) went dark, then lit up again, went dark again, lit up, etc. like something was floating between  the horn and  me going around and around the horn (I say floating because the lower 2 bands were visible the entire time.

3.             Then the lower (wider) bands of light disappeared and then re-appeared while the upper band stayed lit up & visible, like a shadow was floating between me and the horn (same as George saw).

4.             At the time  when the shadow spirit passed in front of me, the energy in the palms of my hands and feet were going crazy, just throbbing with energy, and I could feel someone or something pressing against my energy field (not touching me).

5.             I was holding my hands up toward Victoria, praying that Roger (my chief guide) and Victoria’s chief guide would direct that energy where it was needed most for Victoria’s, mine, & everyone there highest good.  I continued to feel someone pressing against my energy field and then I felt a gentle pressure on the heel of my right hand.  It was a feeling of tenderness, very gentle.

6.             I saw several sudden sparks of light in the room, mostly to the left of me, in the center.

7.             Then I felt a foot stand next to my left foot – I could feel the floor vibrate with the step.

8.             Twice I heard a faint but clear low whistle like someone was blowing into the horn.

9.             At one point I was looking at the standing horn with only 1 eye open – to see if the top band was still disappearing and re-appearing.  It was but it was also changing colors – very pretty but hard to explain – lavender to blue to lavender to pink.  Closed left eye & opened right eye to see if I saw the same thing, same colors, and I did.  I also looked at the white “spots” of light on the ceiling with first one eye and then the other, as well as the shadow spirit, and saw the same phenomena.

10.          Someone said they saw the horn move – I don’t know.  I, myself, was not aware of any movement of the horn but perhaps my attention was focused elsewhere.

11.          When Vickie was coming out of the trance, she mentioned something about , could we see her aura around her arm or head?  For only maybe the 2nd or 3rd time in my life I could actually see her aura – a thin outline of indigo blue around her head.

12.          When George was telling Victoria that it was time to return, there was a strange scent in the air which Victoria, herself, said she smelled.  I can’t describe the smell any further – like nothing else I’ve ever smelled.

13.          I felt the energy in the room was particularly high tonight – perhaps because Maxine was there?  Or the large crystal cluster to harmonize the group energy?  Or using Reiki energy?

14.          I felt much more aware tonight in general.  Maybe because I didn’t have time to eat any supper?  Maybe because I did the Archangel Michael protection ritual?  Maybe because I had the star tetrahedron (tiny Merkaba crystal that Shiri picked out for me )in my pocket?

15.          I felt that Shiri was definitely there, helping.  I also felt my mother’s presence (in spirit).  I was impelled to sing (to myself) the old song, “Silver Threads Among the Gold” and felt the presence of someone very important to me once (like a lover from a previous life) – a very warm, loving feeling.

16.          I was tasting on my lips what Victoria said she was tasting on hers at the end.  A strange taste.

17.          I did NOT hear the thumps on the wall that Victoria said SHE heard.

18.          I did NOT feel any negative or dark energy at all; just a sort of neutral energy in the space (to begin with).

19.          To raise my own energies when we started, I was also picturing my dog, McKenzie, laughing at his antics, throwing the ball for him.  Also, I thanked my joy guide for the happy, uplifting energy.

That’s all I can think of at this time.  What a high!  It’s hard to come down but I’m tired.  Can’t even imagine how tired Victoria must be!

By Sitter: Karen V.

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