Flashes, Touches, Cold Heat: Seance 4-2-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Radana, Maxine and myself.  First, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

While we were singing, Victoria started breathing deeply and heavily. I saw green light mask the faces of Victoria and Radana. Then, I was looking at the standing horn, which was normal size. The top of the trumpet was surrounded by green light. Then, George mentioned that the middle luminescent band on the standing trumpet kept disappearing, while the first and third bands remained luminescent.I saw that, also. And others murmured their agreement.

The red light threw a large, dark shadow of Victoria on the wall to her left. In the middle of that shadow, I saw a white spirit shadow, in profile, of a cherub, holding a single rose. Then, I saw the profile of a woman sitting.

I saw an orange flash, almost an explosion, above Barbara. And the trumpet grew to be 8-foot tall again. I saw a geometric diamond figure, either within George or over his head. Several people were touched. I was touched on the shin of my right leg. Radana was touched on her leg. Maxine felt someone touch the tops of her shoulders. Barbara and George were touched on their heads.

Barbara saw very high energy between George and Victoria, and between herself and Renata. George felt high energy to his right and saw sparkling light. Maxie felt high energy to her left. George saw red light at the ceiling. Barbara saw a blue aura around me. I saw high energy and movement around the center of the room, especially around the trumpet.

I was holding the two crystals which Shiri had procured for me.1 I was, also, holding a crystal pyramid. I sent Reiki energy through these crystals, as well as the other crystals on, and under, our altar, to Victoria, Barbara, Maxine, George, Radana, to the spirits and mediums-in-spirit. Also, I sent Reiki healing to Maxine. The crystals in my hand were quite hot and remained so for a long time after the circle ended. I felt that Maxine had received a healing from the spirits.

Everyone, except Victoria, had complained how cold it was in the room. The AC had come on at the beginning of the circle and had stayed on the entire time. Victoria said that she was very hot. (ed: Victoria had George and Barbara feel her heat).  I felt the cold air around me but my body was perfectly comfortable. Even though I was wearing short sleeves, my bare arms were not cold.

Near the end of the circle, I saw angel wings in the air between Maxine and me. At some point, Radana heard whispering around me and felt that there were lots of spirits around me. George announced that he was going to send energy to the green obsidian pyramid. When he did so, I saw the universe come alive around me. Besides the stars and planets and shooting stars and lightning and storms, the universe was alive with all manner of symbols; i.e., floating spirals, geometrics, lines, letters, colors, lights, all in constant motion.

Victoria said she started out by being lured totally out-of-body by her father – and what a scary feeling it was! (While out-of-body) she went around the circle, touching each of us on the cheek. This time, her guides did not take her to the white caverns.

A couple of times it sounded like spirit voices were attempting to come through but didn’t quite make it. She thought perhaps the energy level in the room was not high enough at that time to support her bringing through spirit voices. She said that talking in the circle makes it so much easier for her, like sliding down a slide.

George finally called Victoria back. When she was conscious again, she said she had felt so angry and negative (as she was returning), she wasn’t sure why. Perhaps because her guides had tried to lure her deeper using her father as bait. Victoria had seen several horses but not the motorcycle she hoped to see with Norman. I saw something out of the corner of my right eye, possibly Lacey, (my last Westie).

As in the previous circle, time was not as we know it. What seemed like 10 or 15 minutes to us participants was actually one hour plus twenty minutes, according to the recorder. Victoria said she was not tired this time like she had been the previous week.

I felt the pricking of my second and fourth fingers while holding the 2 crystals from Shiri and the Window Pyramid crystal. Victoria saw a musical triangle in space and heard it being played at the end of the session.

Personal Notes: We opened the circle to all spirits — our guides, guardians, angels, families, friends, and famous mediums and spirits, too.  George invited Shiri and Norman.   (George said he saw Norman standing in the corner, with his arms folded.)  Barbara invited Florence Scovill Shinn  and another famous medium.  I invited Paramhansa (he wrote Autobiography of a Yogi), Stewart Edward White, Betty White, White Eagle, my friend, Peg, Horus (my dream guide – a white horse), Clen Clendenning, and Louis Bermudez, a childhood aquaintance.  Barbara, Maxine, and I invited our sisters to come.  Dr. Nupuf, a senior companion client, was there (I did not know he had transitioned).  Someone named Beth came.  Louis Bermudez came and gave me a hug.  Someone’s East Indian guide was there, seated in a yoga posture with a turban on his head.  The name, Ramtha, came to me.  Barbara saw an Indian guide with a headband who was one of my guides.  We said opening prayers and sang “Amazing Grace”, “When the Dew Is Still On The Rose”, and “You Raise Me Up”.

1 She and Jean used to go to the world’s largest gem, rock, crystal, and jewelry show in Tucson, AZ., every year.

-By Sitter Karen V.

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