Good Energy, Scents, Bartholomew: Seance 2-18-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of  new sitter Nancy and regulars, Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Darlene, John, and myself. Victoria started out by giving messages in the cabinet (omitted).  The energy felt good, and it was good to have Barbara back in the circle.  Darlene and I both smelled the scent of cloves/cinnamon in the air.

After the messages, George lead our opening prayers and songs, and opened the circle (seance).  As we were singing, Bartholomew noted that, “the songbird is back” (meaning Barbara).  A new voice, that had a familiar accent, came through: that voice remarked that she wanted to tell us something important about religion, that religion “is like fitting a shoe: you keep trying on shoes until you find one that fits; are they comfortable or do they pinch the toes?”

Suddenly,Victoria coughed loudly.  George guessed correctly that Victoria had returned to her body after the cough, that the cough was enough of a disturbance to cause her to return to her body, and the séance was over.

By Sitter Karen V.

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