It was an Ectoplasm Night, Touches, Crystals, Healing, Green Light, Thick Energy: Seance 6-11-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and myself (Karen). First, Victoria gave messages from those in Spirit (omitted).

George opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we om’d and sang the usual three songs: Amazing Grace, In the Garden, and You Raised Me Up.  While we were singing, Victoria started breathing heavily.

George invited in (our transitioned friend and mentor) Shiri and George’s guides and guardians.  Barbara invited in her parents, uncles, grandparents, sister, and Florence Scovel Shinn; I invited in Clen Clendenning, my parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, sister, guides, guardians, Edward Stewart White and Betty White, and my previous dogs.  Radana invited in her grandparents and her dogs.

Then, George turned out the light and the room became very quiet.  At first, not much seemed to be happening.  Just then, to my left, I saw the snarling face of a badger, one of my animal totems.  Badger’s appearance is, usually, a warning of danger, or to become very aware of your surroundings (according to Bobby Lake-Thom, a Native American healer known as “Medicine Grizzly Bear”).

I saw the luminous bands on the standing trumpet turn green.  The middle band looked like it was directly connected to Barbara’s right eye.  She felt she was receiving a healing.

George and Radana felt that they were touched.  Radana felt that the spirits were pushing on her head, as if shaping it the way they wanted.  Barbara and Radana were both touched on their legs.  I was touched on my ankle.  I don’t know if Maxine was touched.

George had the sense that the spirits were choosing to communicate in different ways this time.  Briefly, Victoria choked and seemed to be sending out Ectoplasm.  There was the sound of Bartholomew trying to break through with his voice, but he never quite succeeded.

Barbara commented that the energy seemed heavy and thick in Victoria’s corner.  There was a lot of activity around the standing trumpet.  Green light swirled around it.  There were clusters of energy, as well as movement of energy, around us.

George had us take deep breaths and sing again, to raise the energy level in the room.  I was holding a manifestation crystal, an apophyllite pyramid crystal with the apex pointed toward Victoria, and one other small, clear crystal.  Also, Barbara and I sent Reiki energy to Victoria, the spirits, George, and Maxine.  I wanted to try sending energy through the green obsidian pyramid crystal to try and open the ceiling to the outside sky (as George had, previously) but I was too afraid to move anything and maybe knock over several pyramid crystals.

The atmosphere felt very relaxed.  Barbara, in particular, commented on how relaxed she felt being in the circle.

Victoria said that she had experienced some slight discomfort as the spirits worked with her.  Barbara experienced a bit of pressure in her head, I think.  I experienced pain around my right temple.  George called on Victoria’s chief spirit (Mikhail) to help bring her “back.”

By Sitter Karen V.


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