Medium Takes Control Mid-Seance — Don’t Do This

During the start of a seance I often experience some physical manifestation before I completely lose awareness. Sometimes I can feel mist coming up from my stomach/pancreas area, out of my throat and wrapping down over my lower lip like a silk scarf onto my chin and top of my chest. I have felt plasma or tears dripping out of my eyes and I have seen and felt a Chemist working intently with my forehead or mid-torso. I am aware that my body is sometimes moved by my Spirit Control without my direction (a funky feeling indeed!), I see and speak with amazing people in Spirit, and so on. It’s like a carnival of sights and sounds which I must let go of, and instead focus my consciouness if we are to be successful at what we are trying to accomplish.

During the start of a recent seance I experienced some exciting physical phenomena and thought to come back up out of trance to let the Sitters know what was happening and to perhaps let them touch the manifestation. I can not talk when I am in, or even going into, trance. So, before fully losing awareness I changed “direction” and brought myself back to the surface so I could speak to the Sitters. Please note that this can be very dangerous to the medium, and I don’t know what I was thinking by doing this! It was a loss of focus and a potentially dangerous foray into folly which I share with you so that you do not get lost into ego and excitement as I did.

I ended bringing myself completely out of trance in the midst of the first part of the seance. The phenomena dissipated, and I was left for the first time in pain. Ouch! Sharp physical pain over much of my body. The seance was over and it took me a while to get my energies back aligned and to release the physical pain I felt. This is something I plan to never do again. I have since been more mindful of trusting my Spirit Guides and Coordinators, and of embracing patience as I continue to develop as a physical medium. The first word of mental and physical mediumship is trust. This was a good reminder and a lesson well learned.

By Medium Victoria

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