Mikhail Speaks About Animal Totems: Seance 1-14-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table to the left of the cabinet.  Victoria brought in messages (omitted).

Victoria said that Bartholomew (Jordan) and Mikhail were there.  Mikhail said that he wanted to talk about how animal totem poles are a visual representation of the qualities [?] a person needs.  Every animal is a gateway to the phenomenal world of the human spirit.  Every aspect of nature is woven into our own existences.  The animal world shows us potentials.  “Animals serve a great purpose in our spiritual development…Animals speak, deliver messages, and call the individual to the hero’s path of awareness…When we honor an animal, we are honoring the creative essence behind it…Each animal has a power or medicine, one that we can participate in if we make the effort.  “The phenomenal world –- humans, animals, plants,…stones, rivers, cultural artifacts,
(soil and sand, wind, sun, rain) –- is alive in the sense of being inspirited.  Not only is the non-human world alive, but it is filled with articulate and at times intelligible subjects, able to communicate and interact with humans for good or ill.”  (Quoted in Ted Andrews’ Animal-Wise, from Christopher Manes, Other Creations, pp. 31-32.)

Victoria said that a brown bear was present (I said it was one of my totem animals.).  Victoria, also, mentioned that Eagle and Hawk were present, and Raven, as well.  “Were we familiar with Raven as a bird?”  We said that we were.  The totem animals represent certain personalities and characters that are embodied in ourselves.  [Eagle represents great perception, seeing the big picture, and the bridging of worlds; Hawk represents the primal life force, the spring and fall equinoxes, and the phrase: “Beware or Be Aware”; Raven represents shape-shifting, messenger or omen, and blending of the human and the animal.]  Every animal has a story to tell.  What a person thinks of animals reflects the way he thinks of himself.  Every existing creature manifests some aspect of the intelligence or power of the Eternal One.  [See note.]

Victoria said that she was seeing a Beaver to my left.  The keynote of the Beaver is the building of dreams.  Beavers teach lessons about breath and its control, and about adapting for life in the water.  [When Beaver appears, it reflects the opportunity to build on your dreams.  The Master Builder skill links you with the Masons (of which my Dad was a member).  Proper dental hygiene and care are essential.  Have you been neglecting your basic dreams?  Do your dreams need repair?  Are you daydreaming and not acting on your dreams?  It’s time for action.  Allow for alternatives.  Teamwork is necessary.  Settle differences with friends [adapted  from Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson and Animal-Speak and Animal-Wise by Ted Andrews.]

NOTE:  “(A) totem is any natural object, being, or animal with which we feel closely associated and whose phenomena and energy are related to our life in some way.”  Some totems are temporary energies to assist us with a particular pursuit or project; “others stay with us from birth through death and beyond…and become personal symbols.”

“These totems often mirror back to us qualities o our own nature.  “They represent an archetypal power we can draw upon.”  They help us to see ourselves a part of the universe.  They remind us that we are always directly connected to God; we discover spiritual values through animals: the gentleness and concern of the dog might translate into initiation into a healing modality.  The Divine speaks to us through Nature: everything has significance.”  [Quoted from Ted Andrews’ Animal-Wise]

By Sitter Karen V.

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