Mist, Channeling, Messages, Ectoplasm from Eyes and Throat: Seance 3-12-12

Our seance last night was fantastic! Thanks to the excellent suggestions of John Lilek (an advanced physical mediumship teacher originally from Camp Chesterfield), I gave messages to the sitters before we started the seance. I also channeled a bit which I usually don’t do in front of others. I found the spirit energy was so intense that it surprised me and I clamped down, stopping the channeling. I will be practicing my channeling this week so that doesn’t happen again. There were multiple spirits there who were eager to channel.

I shared much of what I had learned from John with our sitters. They in turn became more vocal, enthused, and upbeat. Over time we will learn about more seance mediums in spirit and honor/call out to/pay homage to them, as well as others. One sitter questioned if we should be using a cabinet in our seance room.

When I am in full trance I cannot move or speak. I did this for the first half of the seance and was aware of mist coming up and out of my throat. The sitters saw a lot of mist in the room. I also went out of body and turned around and saw myself and the sitters, and then I left and went with my control. Mikhail took me to the White Caverns and I had an opportunity to look around instead of solely focusing on going through the veil. I was surprised to see quartz or crystaline structures on parts of the walls of the cavern — like clear, thick glitter. I also realized that the interior is lit even though I have not seen a physical entrance to the cavern.

In the second half of the seance I came back and roused myself enough to speak a little. The sitters said I sounded funny, like I had had a stroke. I told them about what was happening from my perspective. It was at this time I felt ectoplasm or tears coming out of my eyes (this has happened before), yet when we closed the circle my eyes were bone dry (sitter Barbara felt my eyes with her finger directly after we closed) and my speech returned back to normal.

All the sitters were aware of different spirit people and presences in the room. They also saw a few small, short bursts of light as well as the ectoplasmic mist. Maxine said she saw the trumpet move up and down.

Sitting in this seance was: George, Barbara, Radana, Maxine, and myself (Victoria).

– By Medium Victoria


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