New Sitter, Higher Energy, Shadow Spirit, Native American, White Mist Column, Questions Answered: Seance 10-8-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, Dawn, Radana, Carrie, Martha, and myself (Martha being new to the circle).  Because of the size of the group, George moved the cabinet to a different corner of the séance room, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet, with the small table of objects and trumpets in the middle.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool. We grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool and some between the sitters. It was more crowded than usual, and considerably warmer in the room.  Victoria commented that the energy in the room was already high before beginning the evening’s activities.  She said one familiar male spirit (familiar to her), very short in stature with brown hair, appeared again, striding across the circle from Barbara to George.  It occurred to me that it sounded like Dr. Nupuf, the retired optometrist for whom I worked as a companion several years ago.  I’ll show Victoria a picture of Dr. Nupuf and see if she recognizes him.  Victoria did messages again this evening (omitted).

There was a lot of energy and activity going on in the room.  A shadow spirit, male, moved behind Barbara.  An area of high energy, like a white whirlwind, moved between the standing trumpet and myself.  I saw a Native American man, his black hair flowing long and loose, sitting in George (Victoria said that it was George’s guide.).  The standing trumpet was swirling with energy and had white, swirling energy around the top.  Then, the trumpet morphed into a Navajo yei figure.1

Between Barbara and Victoria was a column of white energy that reached from floor to ceiling – not a round or geometric column but a dense-to-sparse spiral of white mist or smoke.  I saw, also, many sparks to my left, between Victoria and the table, and to the left of the base of the standing trumpet.

George turned out the lights and opened the circle with our opening prayer and songs.  Then, we om-ed three times and sang our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raised Me Up.”  During the third song, Bartholomew’s voice came through with a strong “Ho!  Greetings, to

Harry jumped in to say that the Other Side is a new realm for him to work as a physician.  Over there is not like over here on earth – over there, he works with personalities.  He, then, asked for all.  Welcome to our newcomers.  Welcome to this energetic, informative group of individuals who share a continuity and passage in the continuum of Light.  I am amongst you here and at other times.  Harry the Physician is, also, here.”

George asked if we keep our earth personalities when we transition to the Other Side?  Or do we merge with other personalities we might have had during other earth life-times?  As an example, he cited someone who was, perhaps, a psychopath in this life.  “What happens to that personality when he transitions?”

“Attendance in this circle requires a clear understanding of the mechanics of communication and manipulating ectoplasm.  Please be patient while I attempt to assist this bridge.  The attempt at communication requires time and patience to coordinate.    There is a difference in the state of mind as, on the astral plane, you retain yourself.  What you learned travels with you.  You develop an understanding about remembering yourself.”  As for judgments, Bartholomew answered that judgment is laid aside.  “All is not as it seems.”

Mary came in, then, “Good Evening.”

Someone asked, “What do you do Over There?”

Mary explained, “Children over there are still learning and we continue to work with them.  I visit them often.  I lived over a hundred years ago. (She had previously told us that she lived during the 1600’s.)  There, we all continue to learn and grow.”

Emily asked if there were illnesses to treat on the Other Side, since there are physicians there?

“Spirits on the Other Side do have bodies of a sort, although not physical ones like we have.  These ‘bodies’ and ‘minds’ do require healing, at times” said Mary.

A new voice, Harry, came through.  He described himself as “what we would call a physician”.  Also, Mary came through, very faintly, as did another woman’s voice.  Except for Bartholomew’s voice, none of the other voices seemed to understand how to amplify their own voices.  At one point, George said, “Barbara, more energy!”  Bartholomew instructed us to “Sing!” (to bring up the energy in the room).

Emily asked if this particular group of spirits who has been communicating with us over the past year comes only to communicate with us or if they meet with other groups here on earth as well?

Bartholomew said that they interact exclusively with us, as our frequencies match up (impinge) closely with theirs.  Of course, the idea of exclusivity pleases us very much!

As soon as the questions petered out, Bartholomew brought the circle to a close, saying that it was time for them to say goodbye but they will return another time.  We tried singing (very poorly) to bring Victoria back but it wasn’t until George counted that Victoria came back into her body, feeling that she had been wrestling all night.

1 A yei is a deity who helps or harms man.  For the Navajo, a yei is a “sacred herald” who moves between humanity and deity.  The yei are pictured in sand paintings used in healing ceremonies.  The yei becomes the mediator between the patient and the gods.  The sand painting restores balance, expulses evil, and establishes immunity/relationship or identification with the Holy People.  A yei can be compared to the angels of the Old Testament.

By Sitters Karen V. and Barbara H.

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