On Voice Communication

Mikhail: Hello Victoria, how are you today?
Victoria: I’m fine, and you?
Mikhail: I’m doing well also.
Victoria: Do you have much to say?
Mikhail: Plenty. The mechanism of voice differs from person to person. As we (in spirit) inhabit the vocal chords of a medium, we exhibit our own personality and inflection. The construct surrounds the medium and (the person in) spirit endeavors to impress their will and actions on the body of the medium.
Victoria: Is this the same as mental mediumship?
Mikhail: The same body functions to a different degree of control. In mental messaging a thought or image is impressed upon the nervous system of the recipient medium. With physical mediumship we relay our movement and use the body and voices as more than a channel or relay. This is the reason we help you out of body – too many cooks in the kitchen impede full control of the physical voice box.
Victoria: Was (the voices from last night, seance 4-9-12) me (my subconscious) or spirit?
Mikhail: You have not yet met several of the participants you were not yet aware of.
Victoria: Who is that man?
Mikhail: Jordan. He is my counterpart. While your consciousness is away with me, he conducts the symphony of sounds we use to communicate. There is order and procedure and commitment on the parts of those that lend themselves to the roll of telephone operator. The Ectoplasm turn into a crystal function, a solid mass to be used as a bridge. The spirit and the physical body must work in harmony to produce results. It will take time, yet great progress has ensued. With better communication between the Sitters and your Spirit Team, we will be able to let communication flow to a much greater extent. Questions will be answered and loved ones and interested parties may use this line of contact into the physical plane. It is an instrument we play. Your spirit is docked in your physical body. More and more your consciousness is removed as you progress and learn to adapt to a new, more etheric plane. Your conscious travels through a gateway into another realm. In this dimension is a part of the world we (in spirit) live in. While on Earth, your physical body plays host and welcomes those few individuals that wish to represent the whole of individuals who participate with us. It is with joy – we dance and sing in happiness at this state of communication. It is as willing partners that we transverse the obstacle of different dimensions and connect with each other in this modus operandi.
Victoria: Who is Jordan?
Mikhail: Jordan is known to you. We will watch you progress. Many thanks from all of us. May health and happiness be yours. In loving embrace, Mikhail.
Victoria: Will you use our toys (that we set out on the table)?
Mikhail: As needed.

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