Out of Body, Moving Finger, Ectoplasm: Seance 2-4-13

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Radana, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table in the middle of the group. This week I did not bring any crystals.  I sat in Barbara’s usual place just to the left of Victoria.  The energy was high but different than usual.  John felt that the energy was of a higher level than usual.  Spirits were obviously there because my hands were icy cold; otherwise, I was quite comfortable.  Victoria gave messages first (omitted).

During the messages, George turned out the red light.  Shortly thereafter, Victoria called my name, “Karen”, and asked me to touch her cheek and see if I could feel anything there, like tears.  Her cheek felt soft and warm to me, but I did not feel anything “funky” or wet.  Victoria felt that her guides were doing with her throat and sinuses.  She asked George to do our opening prayer and songs.  We sang and om’d and sang again to assist with Victoria releasing.  She said her mother was there at her side.  She seemed distracted by all the activity around her, all the spirits present, and seemed to find it difficult to go out-of-body.  She said that she had gone out-of-body, though, and had seen the stars and felt overwhelmed, and quickly returned to her body.  She said that she was back in her body, so George asked if she could wiggle her fingers and her toes and she said that she couldn’t.  The index finger of her left hand was moving – we all saw it move – but Victoria insisted that she was not moving the finger herself.  George suggested that she follow his voice back until she could move her fingers and toes.

Later, John suggested that Spirit was reminding her that they were in charge of her body, of protecting it and keeping it safe, because she had agreed to serve in this way [as a medium – releasing her body for their use as a communication device.]  Victoria did not like the fact that they did that while she was consciously aware of their impingement.

I do remember two sensations that I felt while all of this activity with Victoria was going on:  I smelled a very sweet and pungent smell of something like sweet-grass and pencil shavings smoldering, yet something more like a woman’s perfume – a most pleasing scent.  Secondly, I was aware of a sensation of a white hand touching my right hand 1.  I couldn’t feel a touch, exactly; just the sensation of being touched.  I wonder if this “sensation of a white hand” was actually ectoplasm?

1 Re: about seeing a white long slender hand and forearm and being aware that it was touching my right hand although I couldn’t feel a physical touch What I was picturing in my mind was a lot like a picture in the book, DOORS TO OTHER WORLDS: A Practical Guide to Communicating with Spirits, by Raymond Buckland, p. 177. The hand I saw was sort of hovering between us; I don’t remember it being attached to Victoria but I might have missed that.

By Sitter Karen V.

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