Kneeling Spirit, Touches, Transfiguration, Plasma is Being Shaped, Warmth: Seance 9-10-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, myself, and two guests, Darlene and Dawn.  Separately, both have been involved in other group activities with one or some of us.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool.   Again, we moved the chairs in a semi-circle as close around Victoria as possible and grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool and some between the sitters. Tonight, when George turned out the light and before Victoria started with messages, I immediately saw a kneeling or stooped-over spirit between George and Victoria, dressed in dark clothes and a cloak, who seemed to be ministering to Victoria.  Victoria said she was aware of him or her; he has come before and is called the Chemist.  The Chemist works on her from time to time.

Barbara said she saw a spirit kneeling between Dawn and herself.  I was struck by what appeared to be an orange, glowing ball, like a moon, behind Victoria in the cabinet.  It attracted me, and distracted me, for a long time.  Later, it turned out to be nothing but a foam teaching clock, not even a bright color.  It seemed so bright when we started.

Victoria said that many spirits had come: Shiri, family members, among others.  She said to tell Maxine that her horse people were there.  Even before messages, several of us received touches: Barbara was rubbed along her arm and her mother played with her hair and touched the side of her neck; Darlene felt hands pressing on her shoulders; Dawn, I think, was touched on her arm or on her face; I received a quick but forceful touch on my right foot (like a kick) and a touch on my left shoulder (as light as a breeze); George, usually, receives a touch or two; and Emily did not mention any such activities.  Then, Victoria gave messages (omitted).

George, then, opened the circle with the prayer of protection and the tape of songs with which we sing along and Victoria started her holotropic breathing.  Barbara said that she began to get nauseous and had chills.  On the third song,  “You Raised Me Up”, Bartholomew came through with a hearty “Ho!”  It was loud and emphatic enough that it startled the new sitters and left them kind of taken aback.  Bartholomew greeted us again, saying he was so glad to be bringing us communications from their side of the world, a world which seems so distant to us and separate from ours, but isn’t, really.  He asked if we had questions?

No one, immediately, spoke up so Bartholomew launched into an explanation of the importance of transfiguration.

Why do people experience pain and trauma?

He said that it’s not just about changing faces in a surface way, but about the manipulation of the plasma to produce a three-dimensional face.

Then, Barbara asked,  “Why do people have to experience pain and trauma?”

Mary’s tiny, whispering voice came through to say that we have to experience pain in order to know its opposites – joy and laughter and pleasure.

Spirits advise, not dictate.

Emily asked if they [the spirits] can affect our lives on earth?

Bartholomew started to answer, then, Mary’s voice came through, saying that they cannot live our lives [for us].  “The rules are very stringent about this: we can suggest or advise or whisper in your ears but you always have the freedom of choice about what you’ll do.”

George asked if additional physical manifestations might be forthcoming or if the voices that came through would be the central occurrence (my words)?

Plasma is being shaped and manipulated to create phenomena.

In answer, Bartholomew explained that physical manifestations are already occurring along with the voices: that plasma is being shaped and manipulated and created to produce phenomena [such as sounds and touches and scents and voice boxes] and that as we become more sensitive to the sights and sounds and smells that are happening around us, we will be more aware of everything that is actually going on.  [It takes time to develop sensitivity.]

Emily asked if they had night and day on the Other Side?

There is always light.

“No, Bartholomew answered, “There is always light on the Other Side.  At times, we might need to rest so a ‘gossamer’ darkness or dimness suffices.”  Bartholomew, then, said that it was time for them to leave as the subject [the medium] needed to return to her body.

The spirits quickly departed and Victoria said that she panicked when it was time to return to her body.  She could hear George’s voice calling her back, but she couldn’t figure out how to get back into her body.

The room was very warm, tonight.  Victoria was sweating when she finished and Dawn said that, although her body wasn’t warm, her face felt as if it had suffered a sun-burn.  Victoria felt that the spirits had worked on Dawn and her.

Although she had been warned ahead of time, Dawn was surprised how startled she felt when she heard the voices being manifested:  the voices did not sound like Victoria’s voice, so where was Victoria and what had happened to her?  These were the thoughts that were going through Dawn’s mind.

NOTE:  For the next time, have some prepared questions!!

By Sitter Karen V.


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