Rattle and Crystal Moved, Egg-Shaped Light Circle, Shooting Star: Seance 12-05-11

We sang “Do-Re-Mi”, then, “Jingle Bells”, then, “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”.  Shortly after George opened the circle, I thought I heard Victoria say something; Radana also heard her.

I started out wearing sunglasses and saw the standing trumpet with its luminous bands.  Then, the bands started disappearing, and re-appearing, in no particular order.  Band 2 was shaped like a backwards L, lying down.  Band 3 was shaped like a triangle with the top third missing.  Band 4 was shaped like an elongated L, I think.  The tiny lights at the top were arranged in a semi-circle or half-dome.

I looked around with my sunglasses on; then, removed my sunglasses, looked around and closed my eyes.  I saw an egg-shaped circle of blue-green light above Maxine.  I also saw a shooting star moving horizontally toward Barbara, then, just before it reached her, it shot upward.

I had the vague impression of the face of a man right in front of me.  Ididn’t recognize the face. I heard someone to the left of me, either Maxine’s or George’s, stomach growling.

I felt my mother’s presence: I was wearing a necklace of blue angelite beads and pink rose quartz beads that I had given her years earlier before she passed and she had left them to me.

When we closed the circle, we noticed that the Native American rattle had moved.  Also, when I went to pack up the crystals and crystal cluster, I noticed that the Window Laser Crystal Wand beneath Victoria’s seat had been moved, as had several individual crystals that were positioned on or around the cluster under the table in the center of the room.

Personal Notes:  Last week I noticed the scent of orange in my living room.  I believe that it was the “calling card” of an unknown spirit.  Around the same time, Barbara had noticed a lemon scent in her house and thought it to be a sign from a spirit.

I sat in the hammock today and went to see an optometrist I used to work for.  He immediately referred me to a retina specialist.  They are very concerned about the blurriness of vision in my left eye.  Barbara picked me up again, since I can’t see well enough to drive at night.  All the way on the drive to the healing center, I sang songs to myself to raise my energies. Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, Radana, and me (Karen).

– By Sitter Karen V.

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