New Sitter, Billets, Louder Volume, Questions Answered, Some Touches, Shadow Spirit: Seance 10-1-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily, Dawn, Radana, Carriee, and myself (Carriee being new to the circle).  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened, with her broken leg on a stool.   Again, we moved the chairs in a semi-circle as close around Victoria as possible and grouped the majority of the crystals/clusters collection around the inside of the cabinet with a few beneath Victoria’s chair and stool and some between the sitters. It was more crowded than usual, and considerably warmer in the room.  Victoria said she would like to try something different tonight instead of giving messages:  billets. Personal billet messages from Victoria have been omitted.

Finally, George turned out the lights and opened the circle with our protection ceremony.  Then, we omed three times and sang our usual three songs: “Amazing Grace”, “In the Garden”, and “You Raised Me Up”.  By the second song, Victoria was breathing heavily.  During the third song, Bartholomew came through with a strong greeting, “Ho!  Greetings.  Hale and well-met, my boy.  We are here to extend communications once again between worlds.”  Obviously, he had been working on raising and stabilizing the volume of the communications as he had said he would.  His voice was loud and clear.  “Questions, Anyone?”

Emily spoke up, asking about a black cat with a white blaze, her cat, one that she’s been carefully watching over, and who has now disappeared.  “Would she get the cat back?  How can she find out if the cat left of its own accord or if it was stolen?”

Bartholomew said that she needn’t worry about her charge, that the cat is safe; the cat is in God’s care now.  Emily, Barbara, and others felt that the cat remains on this plane.  My gut reaction to “in God’s care now” is that the cat is no longer on this earth plane; i.e., he has crossed over and continues on his own path on a higher plane.  Either way, Emily is to remember that this is the cat’s life to live, his/her own path of progression, one that she is not to restrict in any way as doing that might limit the cat’s progression to a higher plane of existence.  Emily should step back a bit and not become so emotionally involved with her charges [my words].  Emily is well-known on the Other Side for her work with animals.  She’ll accomplish what she needs to accomplish by taking baby-steps.

George asked some questions which I don’t remember.

I, then, asked once again, my question from two weeks ago, “If someone dies with the thought in his mind that when he reaches the Other Side, he will simply disappear: poof and gone, will he?”

Bartholomew seemed aware that I had asked the same question last circle, and that his answer had been lost in fading energy.  This time he answered that fear of the end of the world has brought forward all kinds of ideas, including religious ideas, and has caused people to create disparity between beliefs and reality.  ”But most people take pleasure in discovering that life is eternal and continues on to higher planes, no matter what they might have previously believed.  We try to help them reconcile their beliefs with the reality.”

Then, Radana asked who had attempted to channel through her the previous night and would they explain the differences between trancing and channeling?

“This spirit is someone Radana has known a very long time, even from ancient times, who wishes to continue to communicate with her.  Neither channeling nor trancing requires consciousness; the person can be aware –or not – by choice.  He/She can ‘get out of the way’ and allow the communication to happen or he/she can be consciously involved and direct the communication.”

Bartholomew said that it was time for them to depart and end the session.  Then, George called Victoria back and she returned uneventfully to her body.  George said he was glad that Bartholomew was now ending the session.

Victoria said that Mikhail was standing right there in front of her, if any of us could see him.  She said he did not take her to the crystal cave.

Radana said that she was lovingly touched along her left cheek and Dawn reported a “fleeting” touch on her face.  No one else reported touches.

Radana, also, reported a shadow spirit between Dawn and herself.  Carrie reported that the illuminated bands on the standing trumpet appeared and disappeared, as if someone passed between the bands and herself.

George said that he was very aware that Bartholomew’s voice sounded like it was coming from a place well in front of the cabinet, even though Victoria was seated far back in the cabinet.

No one reported orbs, white mists, sparkles, or shooting stars, or auras or colors or scents or sounds.

By Sitter Karen V.

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