Lights, Flashes, Colors, Sounds of Feet Dragging: Seance 10-10-11

I spent a lot of time outside today, sitting in the sun and meditating in the hammock to bring up my energies.

1.             When we started I focused on raising and keeping up my energies by visualizing I was playing ball with McKenzie and, also,  by singing to myself the words to “Dulcinea” from MAN OF LA MANCHA, and “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window”.

2.             There were some areas of white light (not circles) near the ceiling, above or behind Sheila to the left of me, above George to the left of Sheila, and above or between Radana. and Barbara, to my right.

3.             It seemed like the light in the room was fairly bright.  Then it seemed to dim down and then brighten again as if someone or something passed between the light and me.

4.             Again, as previously, I could see the illuminated bands on the trumpet and then one or two would disappear and then reappear later.

5.             I saw some areas of bright light and bright flashes of light.  The area in front of Sheila, Peg, and George to my left was a very active area.  It was an area of intense color – indigo, deep purple, blues, violets, with a bright flash of red-orange near Peg, and a small flash of violet around the first band on the standing trumpet (smallest band).

6.             I was aware of a lot of movement in that area as well: spirit movement (no actual shapes, just movement).

7.             I heard a “scritching” sound in that area, also, like someone was dragging their feet across the carpet; also, a sound like someone had hit the playing arm of a record player and it moved across several grooves of the record.

8.             I began to think that the movement to my left might be Victoria moving out-of-body, so I looked closely but saw nothing in particular.  Was just aware of color and movement.

9.             I had my hands up sending Reiki energy toVictoria.  My hands sensed very warm air or energy just in front of them.

10.          I also felt a sharp pain in my left temple, possibly from the flashes of light which were probably not actual flashes but rather something moving quickly in front of the light and then away from the light.

11.       I did not hear the breathing into the trumpet that Radana heard.

12.      Victoria said she could see us all clearly, especially me because I was so bright and surrounded by yellow and orange light!  She could see the light in all of us:  that we are all light beings!

13.       I asked if my chief guide, Roger, was there near me.  Did not hear an answer but sensed that he and several of my healing guides were around me.

By Sitter: Karen V.

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