Lights, Shadows, Trumpet Moved, Footsteps, Orbs, Cold Temperature: Seance 10-24-11

It was a great circle! Much activity and phenomena! No negativity or fear. Here are my impressions:

The first thing that caught my eye was the light above (sitter) Maxine (seated to my left) and myself.  I could see sometimes 1, 2, or 3 small lights like Christmas lights that were on the ceiling between Maxine and me.  This light(s) was/were not directly above me but moved around until near the end of the session, they were directly above me.  The lights were clear (white).

Again, as previously, I could see the illuminated bands on the trumpet.  There was someone or something between me and it so that the 4th band (the widest band) was partially hidden such that the middle part only was hidden; at the same time, the 3rd band was also partially hidden but in a different way – such that only the right “shoulder” was hidden from me .  The 2nd band was partially hidden by strands of something like Rastaman  braids;  the 1st band (the smallest one) was entirely visible.

I also saw the trumpet move up and down.  (Medium) Victoria had drawn a circle around the mouth of the trumpet and we all saw later that the trumpet had indeed moved.

I don’t remember when but early on I heard what sounded to me like someone walking on creaky floorboards above us.  Could this have been the same sound that (sitter) Redonna heard but described as the sound of the tube thing (wand)?  I don’t know but I did not consciously hear the latter.

Near the beginning of the session, I felt someone or something breathe on my left foot.  Much later in the session, it suddenly occurred to me that maybe one or more of my previous dogs were there.  1

I felt movement to my left and above, especially above the standing trumpet.  I’m not sure exactly where but I was aware of different colored lights:  first, yellow and white near the center of the room; then intense deep purple and blue; then light green.  (The name “Jasper” just came into my head.  I have no idea how that relates to anything.)  Then, I was aware that the general light in the room was dimming, then brightening.

I think that the “mass” or “shadow”, the someone or something between  the light and me, was above me – “it” was not walking or near to the floor but elevated in the air.  It struck me that this was Victoria traveling out-of-body.  I was just aware of color and movement.

I had my hands up sending Reiki energy to Victoria but I had the bell clutched in my left hand so I don’t know how much it was accomplishing.

At some point, I had pain above and behind my right temple. I was a bit worried that the problem with the vision in my left eye would make it difficult to see anything but the blurry, blocked vision in my left eye did not affect how I saw things at all.  What I saw, I saw clearly.

I was aware of dozens of small orbs toward my left and across the room and directly above Maxine.  I knew they were there but I couldn’t see them (except for the one above Maxine).  I felt, also, that there were thousands of orbs and tiny lights in the open space of the room to my right but I couldn’t see them, either. (Ed note: Sitter Karen noticed the orbs before we had seen the video of the moving orbs on the infrared video camera).

The atmosphere reminded me somewhat of a Native American sweatlodge ceremony  —  it was very dark, you can’t see anything or anyone, except in the sweatlodge, the hot boulders glow orange and blue with heat and one often sees symbols or figures or spirits in the stones or in the air.  In our circle, there weren’t any boulders but there were the colors and spirit and lights I described above.  In both cases, the darkness seems to expand the space rather than contract it.  I sensed that there was much activity and many spirits in the area we were in and in the open space to my right as well, all crowding in.

In previous circles, I have been either hot or perfectly comfortable but in this circle I was freezing cold – rather, the room was –so cold I was sure my breath was coming out in a white fog.  Maxine also noticed the extreme cold.

1  My first thought was that it was Corky, my son’s Westie who got me through breast cancer surgery and follow-up strength training, and who moved with Terry and me (not my son, Jonathan) to Sarasota from Charleston, SC.  Or Bonnie (my first Westie); or Flora (my first puppy of my own breeding); or Tippy (a terrier puppy I got as a child from a black fireman who had rescued her from a forest fire).  (As you can tell, my dogs have always meant a lot to me.  They have been my companions through the major experiences of my life – good and bad.

Personal Notes: (Prior to the seance) I didn’t spend a lot of time outside today, just sat in the hammock for awhile, walked to the water, and watched the dogs play.  This time we moved back into the part of the back room  we used previously (previous to the last 2 times I think.  We danced to “Shambhala” by  Three Dog Night to raise our energies.  When we got into the room, we sang “Do-Re-Mi” and “B-I-N-G-O”.  We may have sung another tune but I don’t remember it, if we did.  George said a prayer of protection, stating our purpose and asking for the white light of protection all around us and inviting only good spirits with good intentions. While he was talking about visualizing a ball of white light in the center of the room, as I was doing that, I saw a woman from the 1840’s (judging by her clothing), dressed in a simple, thin, cotton floor-length white dress and wearing a small white cotton cap (almost like a Christening cap), seated next to the ball of white light, sort of between (sitters) Barbara and Redonna and across from me.  I didn’t sense her being associated with either Barbara or Redonna.  I would say this woman was a nurse, nanny, midwife, servant, Sunday school teacher, perhaps Florence Nightingale (nurse) or Clara Barton (American Red Cross).  She smiled at me and looked into my eyes.  She seemed to be present as a helper or healer for all of us.  She was plain but attractive in a quiet, unassuming way.  Then I rang the bell 3 times to start the session. I started singing “Camptown Races” to myself to bring up my energies.  

-By Sitter Karen V.

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