Moving Orbs (Video): Seance 10-24-11

This phenomena occurred in brief spurts over a long period of time. The brief clips with phenomena in them have been edited out of the longer version and put together.  This was our first attempt at using an infrared camera in our physical mediumship seance. Unfortunately, the camera was wirelessly connected to a laptop outside the room, and the laptop went into a sleep mode before the main part of the seance started (aargh!). These clips are from just the beginning, before the primary manifestation and before the laptop shut off. There were seven sitters, including the medium.

Editor’s Note: Sitter Karen mentions seeing orbs before we had seen the video of the moving orbs on the infrared video camera. See post: Lights, Shadows, Trumpet Moved, Footsteps, Orbs, Cold Temperature: Seance 10-24-11  posted on 10-26-11.

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