Session #11 with Mikhail: Full Release of Control, Plasma Transfer into a Solid

Mikhail: Thank you for arriving early. We have much to talk about. Release, let go. A state of mind, a state of vibration, it is all the same thing. As you sit in your chair during the seance, focus and incline your attention of the state of your being that takes you to the astral or etheric plane. The vibration will be less intense yet still light and lively.

The enigma we are facing is how do we increase the speed of performance as we transfer the plasma into solid state? The chemicals that are put into the transition/transmutation mixture are of a fine and delicate quality. Your world, the physical plane, is made up of dense matter, so dense it remains in the realm you currently reside in.

And yet, we stimulate and draw out like taffy a gossamer component in order to present the effects of our world, our plane of existence, into the matter at hand. The core essence must remain in a container for the duration of our enterprise as we go about covering and surrounding the lighter frequency material with a coating supplied to bring strength and viscosity to the component: a shield.

When two or more materials must mesh, ‘glue’ must be used to keep them from separating. The means by which we do this is a variety of methods, implemented by many on our side, to combine energy and light into a solid framework. It is (with) the use of energy drawn from the Sitters, as well as plasma and control of the Instrument (medium), that we strive to put all the pieces together to produce a solid entity with which to communicate through…

Think of a barrel.

Victoria: I saw a wooden barrel.

Mikhail: This barrel has a top, bottom, and sides. It is a container in the truest sense of the word. Into this container we direct a mix needed to manipulate solid matter in the physical plane. It is delicate work and progress is slow but steady.

Victoria: Mikhail showed me a thick piece of rope that he tied into a simple knot. He then repeated this and made me understand that he wanted me to tie the knot in the rope, which I did.

Mikhail: Notice how it feels.

Victoria: Jordan (Bartholomew) was there and tied the knot over and over using my hands.

Mikhail: The more you release, the more we control.

Victoria: What am I doing wrong or what could I be doing better?

Mikhail: It is a process of learning. Each time you come closer to the goal of full release. This is when the most manifestation/phenomena/experience will happen. Practice the release (i.e. letting Jordan control and move my body). It will come to pass.

Victoria: I started to focus on Jordan.

Mikhail: Do not overly familiarize yourself with Jordan. This is not where your focus should be. Mikhail stepped forward. Victoria, relax. It is a total release, a letting go. It will come, we will be there. Practicing in the dark is better. Thank you for coming today. We will meet again. Adieu.

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