Session #12: Dynamics and Energy in the Dense Plane

Mikhail: Greetings and well met! It is on the tide of a new horizon that I greet you. The dynamics of entropy move and flow the energy in and of our world. This energy, seemingly minute to the point of oblivion, carries with it the potential of enormous power and force. To access this dynamic, we on the more etherial plane contain and manipulate greater and larger forces by combining smaller amounts of matter into a mass effect. It is within these realms that we seek to increase the source of power and force in order to better manipulate the objects surrounding you and permeating the denser plane of matter in which you live. Circumstances alight with fire. Energy combustion of only one form of manipulation and delta (change) of form. There is also a construction of plasma by combining ingredients into a single mass object permeable to the items in the dense field. Manipulation of these objects is produces by expultation(?) (of electrons) generated. Adjusting the energetic rays can be accomplished. It is this we are working to achieve. We send you light and love and peace and harmony.

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