Session # 13 – The Red Light

Dim Red Seance Light

I (Victoria) had planned to have the red light turned on for four to five minutes at the next seance. In the middle of my meditation and mental preparations for the evening Mikhail showed up and spoke with me:

Mikhail: The phenomena that occurs in the time sense you are in takes precedence. The mist(?) vehicle of physical form dissemination is coaxed from you and manipulated into a coherent structure to be used in two planes simultaneously. It is for this reason that we employ all benefits.

Let us discuss the red light. It is in our favor to release the red light only in prescribed moments during which present functioning repels simulations and keeps constant a steady stream of plasma. Inherent in this function is a short duration of time in which to proceed. Any longer and coherence is lost. Build-up of this event takes time and effort. We will instruct you further. Good day.

Unfortunately I didn’t really read the message thoroughly after I  wrote it and that evening I asked George to put the red light on after the singing. When he did, I was not fully into deep trance and I experienced a strong, somewhat painful pressure in my nose and a deep smell, although not an unpleasant one. I roused myself  enough to tell him to turn the light off and proceeded into trance

After the seance the Sitters let me know that the connection made with Bartholomew and another woman was very tenuous and weak. The seance was short and in the future I will be listening more clearly and carefully to all messages from Mikhail

-Medium Victoria

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