Session with Mikhail #3

Mikhail: “Yes, it is Mikhail, I am in tune with you. Life is progressing well. The séances are an added benefit.”

Victoria: I asked about sitter Susan’s health, as she had gotten nauseous at the last meeting. She later told me that she had food poisoning. 

Mikhail: “Her vibratory state is perfect. The more you meet, the more amplitude can be experienced. We will attempt to fix a permanent point of ectoplasm.”

Victoria: “Do we need to have it completely dark?”

Mikhail: “Dark helps. It is a good group, warm and friendly. The stasis model acts independently of personalities.”

Victoria: “Should we sing?”

Mikhail: “It is up to you.”

Victoria: “Will it affect what you do on ‘your side’?”

Mikhail: “I think so.”

Victoria: “Beneficially?”

Mikhail: “Yes. Feel the vibration and tune yourself to that. “

Victoria: “Will singing give us more amplitude?

Mikhail: “The singing increases the energy we use to generate results. You’ll get it.”

Chemist (the other man in spirit whom I could see and who was working with me chemically/energetically): “All will come in time. There will be more joining you.”

Mikhail: Release, you will do fine. We will see you on Saturday.”

Victoria: “Why do I need to be put out (unconscious) to produce ectoplasm?”

Mikhail: “People do not release their own ectoplasm.”

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