Session with Mikhail #4

Mikhail: Hello Victoria. It is I, Mikhail.

The ring of white lights are infrared LEDs that glow red when the camera is on. This is the light source the camera uses to receive an image.

Victoria: I asked about having the infrared video camera on durinthe seances. Infrared cameras emit a very low-level infrared light. 

Mikhail: Light is a factor in the knowledge it imparts. For our intents and purposes it is a necessary burden — the willingness of those around you to release their spiritual essence (a mist). Evolvement is high, spread your wings and fly. Trance techniques: use your awareness to lift yourself up to a higher plane of consciousness. The journey is short, (yet) the process must be developed over time. 
Victoria: I asked if we were doing anything incorrectly or if there were improvements that could be made.
Mikhail: Mikhail informed me that there were no glaring errors. We must work with the ectoplasm, a fine and delicate substance in your world. Pitch must be perfect to ensue outcome. 

Victoria: I asked if there was anything more that I could do.

Mikhail: Real trance is the objective. Your awareness suffers as you extend yourself past the barriers. Keep meeting as you have done before. All will be well. Growth, understanding, a communication will take place. Phenomena occurs at the apex. (It will take) time.  He show me a picture of an hourglass.

Victoria: I had been forewarned by a fellow physical medium of the jealously and negative feelings that they had at times encountered from other mediums and the energy and experiences that came with it. I inquired whether I was facing any major pitfalls by sending out our experiences on the www.

Mikhail: What you do with it is your option.

Victoria: I realized that a peaceful feeling was coming over me, building a feeling of security.

Mikhail: Your friends and family, loved ones and those who are strangers to you now, participate in the depth of perception in transcending the barrier that separates us (and) our understanding.

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