Session with Mikhail #9 – Separation of Plasma

Mikhail: Hello Victoria. Are you ready for a lesson?

Victoria: Yes!

Mikhail: Unique structures determine where you want to go. For example, if we fill a cup of water and release it into a stream, the water from the cup becomes a part of the running water. Yet if we drop the cup into the river, the water collected inside the cup remains separate from the stream while still residing in it.

This process of separation denotes the difficulty we face when separation of plasma occurs. The vessel that holds and manipulates the plasma into form is a construct. If that construct, that structure, disappears/disapparates then the function of the plasma is lost. (I saw a picture of a balloon holding helium inside). To create a stronger structure (plasma form holder) we must first build the energy needed to coalesce the chemicals we build.

The vacuum is the ether on our side (our plane). We manipulate the energies and ‘eccentrics’ (def: irregular, erratic) chemical materials to produce an outer shield in which to contain the plasma extracted.

Victoria: This is different than (physical medium) Kai’s foam he produces?

Mikhail: Bubbles have form. (His) product is mixed with saliva and mucous.

Getting back, the material is inserted into the “cup,” or chemical energy mixture, and then processed, using a trick of the mind (our mental facilities) to mold direction and shape. Consistency is key. Once we have molded the form shape into a desired ‘nodule’ (def: a small mass of rounded or irregular shape), we are ready to begin the next process, that of communication and direction.

Victoria: What can I do to improve on may part?

Mikhail: Things are going well and progress is being made. You are headed in the right direction. Keep up the good “spirits.” We will be watching you.

Victoria: I requested personal information about Mikhail.

Mikhail: What would you like to know? I have had many lives. My most recent was an embodiment in a rural area of Topeka (sp?) in the mid-eastern European continent. I raised a family. 1719 – a significant date.

Victoria: Your birth?

Mikhail: Death. I moved along slowly and it was not until I came to pass (over) that enlightenment was granted and I could see past the sunset. Now, here in this time and place, I work to establish a link for all to see.

Victoria: Thank you Mikhail.

Mikhail: You are welcome. Until we meet again.

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