Shadow Passes in Front of Trumpet, Aura White Light, Orbs, Light Sparks: Seance 11-21-11

Tonight, circle consisted of George and Victoria, Victoria and George’s daughter, Barbara, and myself.   George played a tape of music, mostly songs unknown to me and we sang along as best we could.

Usually, the general atmosphere is dark; i.e., you can’t see much.  The energy in the room is kind of shadowy.  Tonight, however, the energy was sort of light/shadowy, and Victoria was surrounded by an aura of white light.  The atmosphere in the room seemed very comfortable.

There were several orbs – one came around my right shoulder from behind; and I saw another to my left, out of the corner of my eye.  There was also a spark of light in front of Barbara.

I saw the 4 luminescent bands on the trumpet, with 4 tiny lights at the top.  Something or someone passed in front of the trumpet, including the tiny lights at the top.  Whatever it was, it had a transparent red shadow.  The fourth band, around the lip of the trumpet, I saw as dark in the middle, with a diamond-shaped light at each end.

The smaller trumpet, which was lying down to the left of the standing trumpet, was also lit up for the first time.  I had never noticed it before.

The surrounding energy in the room seemed visually light in color, sort of tinged with a light-to-white color.  I didn’t see any other lights or orbs.

I don’t remember hearing any sounds.  I think Barbara said that she did hear a sound.

When Victoria came back into her body, she said that my aunt (most likely my father’s step-sister, Muriel) came in, as did someone Victoria recognized as a medium.  My aunt has come through in spirit writings, as well.

There was a feeling of calmness or peace about the circle tonight.  Maybe having their daughter there had that effect on George and Victoria.

Most of the time, I had my hands up, directing Reiki energy towards Victoria.

Usually, when I sit next to Barbara, I’m hot, but it was lovely and cool tonight, even cold, but not too cold.

I brought a couple of additional crystals that I have not brought previously: two lightning “sticks” and another that I can’t remember the name of.  (Note:  Lightning “sticks” are created when lightning hits sand/quartz crystals and fuses them into a hollow tube.  These crystals are particularly conducive to connection and communication and amplification of the energy.)

Afterwards, George and Victoria’s daughter seemed puzzled that none of us were focusing our minds on moving the items on the table.  We tried to explain that we, ourselves,  did not want to cause the objects to move.  Instead, we were trying to send energy to the spirits and to Victoria to enable them to move the objects.

 Personal NotesSpent the day making calls and doing errands, and sat in the hammock for awhile, enjoying the beautiful day (86+ degrees).  I also smudged the crystals and set them in the sunlight to soak up energy.  I think that next circle I should carry a photo of my present Westie (dog), McKenzie, on me in the circle.

 One night last week, I woke up from a deep sleep to see a golden aura standing in the doorway to our bedroom.  I could not see a being, only the aura.

– By Sitter Karen V.

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