Shadow Spirit, Facial Transfiguration, Hovering Orange Light, Cabinet, Touches, Voices, We Meet Sally: Seance 7-2-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Emily (new to the circle), and myself.   The other major difference in this circle was the addition of a 4-foot by 4-foot cabinet for Victoria.  Each of us sat alone in the cabinet to try it out.

Victoria felt that the cabinet needed to be much larger so that we could all be in the cabinet with her!  She felt, also, that there was someone behind her.  Barbara felt that, as well.  The cabinet reminded me of a Native American sweatlodge.  The darkness inside doesn’t close you in; instead, it seems to expand the space.  Emily mentioned that it seems to focus the energy; indeed, it felt to me like a column of focused energy, rather than an explosion of energy.  Victoria preferred to leave the curtain open this night.

Victoria started by giving messages (omitted).  I saw her surrounded by an indigo blue aura for a long time.

During the messages, I was aware of a tall, strong shadow spirit striding between Emily and myself.  Also, a spirit moving rapidly whipped around my left shoulder.  I saw, also, Victoria’s face transfigure to other, “real” faces, and to various stylized masks.  I saw a tiny, orange light hover directly over Emily’s head, which stayed there during the entire circle.  Victoria said that she saw a face just above Emily’s head that is always with Emily.

George turned off the lights and opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Andrea Bocellii, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban.  Victoria was already breathing deeply.   George said he felt that there was a lot of energy in the room.  I was seeing multiple colors flash directly in front of my eyes.  I don’t remember seeing any orbs or shooting stars, just an occasional mass movement of light, like a cloud or mist.

As in several previous circles, a shadow spirit moved between the standing trumpet and me, as evidenced by some of the luminous bands on the trumpet disappearing, then re-appearing.

At one point, I felt a rush of cool air, then warm air, on my left arm.  Barbara, also, commented on this movement of air.  I felt, also, movement between my knees: perhaps a touch, perhaps not.  Barbara mentioned being touched, as did George on his right cheek.

I heard a woodpecker drumming; some crashes that seemed to be coming from outside and behind the healing center. I felt quite comfortable throughout the circle (no icy cold air in the room).  No one else mentioned being cold, either.

As soon as George opened the circle, a voice came through clearly, not Bartholomew’s, but similar; perhaps, Jordan’s?

Then, Mary’s voice came through but she spoke so quietly it was difficult to understand the words.  The spirits said that they would use plasma to produce the phenomena of an independent voice-box.  Barbara greeted Mary with a comment about her umbrella.  Mary mentioned something about an instrument not being available. (She had mentioned in one of the last sessions that she wanted to play an instrument.)

A new voice came through.  George asked for a name: “Sally”.  George asked if this was the “Sally” that he and Victoria knew, Sara’s daughter?  “Yes.”  Apparently, Sally is Victoria’s mother.  She came through to tell us to tell Victoria that she needs to step back and release.  George said how great it was to talk with her and she mentioned the importance of family connections.

Emily mentioned that she recognized Norman’s voice and George said, “Yes, he was there.”

After three voices came through, things got quiet.  After a brief time, George contacted Mikhail, Victoria’s spirit guide, to see if it was time to end the circle.  It was, so he called Victoria back.  Victoria said that Mikhail had not taken her to the caverns as usual but had worked with her forehead or mind.  She couldn’t remember what the teaching was.  George checked Victoria for ectoplasm, which he did not feel, but Victoria’s hands were very hot!  At one point, I felt my scalp prickle. At the very end of the session, Victoria said that Barbara’s mother had come in.

This time I held the tiny, clear star tetrahedron crystal that Shiri had procured for me in my left hand, and “Listening Ear”, my smooth black rock, in my right hand.  Barbara held the large amethyst star tetrahedron and some of her personal stones.

Personal Note At home tonight, my Native American whalebone sculpture of “Grandmother Whalesong” for the first time looks like she’s crying big tears – of joy or sorrow, I’m not sure which.  Then again, maybe I just have double vision at 2:00 AM!  Her appearance was back to normal by the next morning.

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  1. Medium Victoria says:

    Emily sat inside the cabinet and I clearly saw a large orange misty light hover above her head. The orange mist looked like someone’s face was being pushed into it.

    I was also very surprised that one of my relatives had manifested a voice and spoke to us. I guess there is no hard and fast rule for who may come through, even a medium’s loved one. I am grateful for the help and advice she brought.

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