Shooting Stars, Shadows, White Energy, Touching, Bartholomew & Mary Make a Brief Visit: Seance 7-23-12

Medium Victoria in her cast next to the cabinet.

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria (in a wheelchair) and George, Barbara, Emily, and myself. Victoria was in her cabinet, her broken leg in a cast and sticking out, curtains opened. Victoria, immediately, said that the crystal energy felt different and that Mikael was taking her backwards, “deep” into the cabinet, rather than taking her to the caverns as he usually does. They were working on, or with, her heart, she said. Also, she said Shiri was standing in one corner of the cabinet. We welcomed Shiri. Then, Victoria started with messages (omitted). George, then, turned off the red light bulb that John Lilek had given him and opened the circle.

George began our protection ritual, and invited in our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, as well as anyone else we wanted to include.  We om’d and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace” by Bocelli, “In the Garden” by Loretta Lynn, and “You Raised Me Up” by Josh Groban.  There were many points and streaks of white light, like shooting stars with lots of white light streaking in front of Victoria and shadow spirits moving across the front of the cabinet.  There was, also, a band of white light in front of, and above, George.  There were swirls and spirals of white energy around the center altar.

The energy in the room seemed low tonight, perhaps due to Victoria’s injury (broken leg) and because we all were so quiet tonight, not as talkative or bantering as is usual.  There was definitely healing going on (I was aware of green light between Victoria and the altar.)  Victoria said she had asked the spirits to ignore her wounds and to concentrate on manifestation rather than healing.  At one point, Victoria said she had felt her leg being touched under the cast.  To raise the energy level in the room, we took deep breaths which we released slowly.  We sang “Do-Re-Mi” and recited a nursery rhyme.  The energy in the cabinet seemed dense.

I was holding the clarity crystal procured for me by Shiri; the small, clear star tetrahedron (also called quartz Merkaba Master Healer) from Shiri and a thin, clear, flat crystal in my left hand; and “Listening Ear” rock in my right hand.  It flashed through my mind that at the next circle, we ought to each hold an Apophyllite pyramid crystal with the apex pointed towards Victoria, sending her and the spirits amplified Reiki energy.

Two voices came through: Bartholomew’s and Mary’s.  Mary’s voice whispered so quietly we couldn’t understand but a few of her words: “Electrical phenomena happen on every plane, “ she said, and that they (the spirits) are as close to us as we are to one another.

George felt that the energy was not quite right tonight.  He checked with Mikael and they agreed that it was time to call Victoria back.

Personal Note:  Tonight, once again, the Alaskan whalebone sculpture of “Grandmother Whalesong” looked like it was “crying” huge tears.  It looked like her black mascara was running.

By Sitter Karen V.

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