Sparkles, White Energy, Out-Of-Body, Touching, Bartholomew, Daniel and Mary Speak: Seance 12-3-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Emily, Dawn, Darlene, Barbara, John, and myself.  The cabinet was in the same place in the séance room as last week, with the sitters forming a semi-circle around the cabinet and the altar table between the sitters and the cabinet.  Victoria was in a chair in her cabinet, curtains opened.  This night all the crystals were back in place. Victoria gave messages (omitted).

There were lots of sparkles around the base of the trumpet.  There were rushes of white energy between the standing trumpet and myself.  I think these “rushes” of energy were Victoria traveling out-of-body.  Dawn, who was sitting to my right, seemed to be very tall or to be standing and, also, to be very dark.  I felt someone behind me place their hands on my shoulders.  He/She touched me, also, on my right knee or right hand.

At first, my left arm and shoulder were very cold and hurt for a minute or so and, then, all pain was gone.  After that, I wasn’t cold anymore.

Even before we finished singing the third song, “You Raise Me Up”, Bartholomew tried to come through.  He said that he brought us greetings from many on the Other Side.  He said that he would step back so that others could come through.  At which point, Daniel spoke up, very clearly and fairly loudly.  He mentioned philosophy and reiterated that he was NOT the kind of doctor we’re used to on earth.

Mary, also, came through, with her parasol with fringes on it.  There was mention made of “dearest Marie” who sings.  I thought of my neighbor from across the street while I was growing up – Marie Mazzoni.  I think she loved to sing, as far as I can remember.  She was older than me, so it’s possible she has passed.

By Sitter Karen V.


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