Spirit Voices Came Through – A Beginning: Seance 3-26-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, and myself.   We started out by om-ing and then sang along with a tape of “Amazing Grace” and “You Raised Me Up”, and “In the Garden”.   Then, Barbara led us in a favorite song of her mother’s – “Que Sera, Sera” (What Will Be, Will Be).  As in the previous circle, I sat on the outside between George and Barbara.  I set up the crystal area as usual but had some additional crystal clusters and several pyramid crystals.  Victoria said she was very hot: George said her hands were hot but her arms were cool.

From the start, there was much activity centered around the standing trumpet – lots of swirling, white light or waves of light, as Barbara described it, or white mist. There were flashes of areas of white light in several places. Barbara described an area of high energy between George and Victoria. George described an area of energy or white light behind me which I did not see.

I saw a shooting star go up and over Barbara’s head toward Victoria. The second luminescent band on the standing trumpet (close to the narrow end) blanked out. Then, the third band, also, blanked out.

I heard some small sounds of voices talking, and a male voice and a female voice singing. Then, Victoria started to (sort of) choke or gag and then, brought through some spirit voices. It sounded like she said, “Hello, Ma or Mom.” Thinking about it later and repeating it in my head, I believe it was my mother’s voice saying, “ ‘Hello. Mom.’ ”, as in Mom, here. (In earth life, Mom would leave brief telephone messages for us such as “Mom V”, nothing else.) Then, Mom’s voice or Shiri’s voice, said something about being happy and being joyful or filled with joy. Some of the words were hard to understand.

At one point, when Victoria mentioned that the energy was dropping, I sent Reiki energy to Victoria, to Barbara, and to the crystal clusters and pyramids on and under the altar table and to the spirits around it.

Victoria said she saw a male spirit in front of her but she wasn’t sure if it was her guide, Mikhail, or not. The air conditioning in the room was set at 73 degrees. The AC came on shortly after we started and stayed on the entire time. It was cold in the room but we were all comfortable.

Victoria said that while she was out-of-body, she had traveled around the circle and touched each of us on the cheek. Barbara commented that she had been touched several times; George, also. I was not aware of having been touched, just of much swirling energy around.

 Victoria described Barbara as a very beautiful spirit. George recorded tonight’s circle. I look forward to listening to the tape. Time during the circle was not as we know it. What seemed like 10 or 15 minutes to us participants was actually one hour, according to the recorder. Victoria said she was not tired this time like she had been the previous week.

At one point, Victoria said she felt very nauseous and Barbara said that she did, too. Victoria said that she thought maybe she and Barbara were twin sister mediums.

Tonight was a very personal experience for me, especially hearing Shiri’s and my Mom’s voices. And, to have Louis Bermudez show up, was the icing on the cake. I still cannot get over my feeling of amazement at hearing the actual voices I remembered. Unbelievable.

Victoria kept apologizing for not doing more; she was not aware that she was actually bringing voices through! Believe it, girl (!), and thank you so much!

Personal Notes: (My dog) Kenzie and I sat in the hammock; I charged the crystals in the sun today; and took a nap.  The major accomplishment of the day was that Terry and I agreed on a color to paint the exterior of our house – a light terracotta.

Messages: Victoria immediately said that my mother was there, and brought me sunshine.  She also mentioned “pearls”.  I knew exactly what she was referring to – a long strand of rose quartz and blue angellite beads that I gave her around 2004 in the midst of my “crystal & stone” period, and got back after Mom crossed over.

Barbara saw a man standing before George.  George thought it was probably his grandfather but Victoria said she didn’t think so.

Victoria said that Barbara’s mother was there.  Victoria also mentioned that a joy guide was there: a young girl who had made herself butterfly wings.  I could picture that little girl, although she didn’t seem to be my joy guide, Carole.

George said he was getting the name , “Whispering Willow” or “Willow Wood” or “Whispering Wood” associated with a large pond where I met or used to meet a young boy with curly hair, whose name might be Keith.  The name “Whispering Wood” seems familiar to me but not associated with a pond or boy.  When I was young, around age 5 or 6, the most used “playground” for the small-town neighborhood I grew up in was “our” pond.  The pond was just down the road from me, next to my grandparents (my mother’s parents).  The pond, called “Mooney Pond”, was owned by a neighbor, Mrs. Townsend, who had weeping willow trees planted alongside her portion of the pond.  The property on the far side of the pond was owned by a farmer who planted corn.  My grandparents were truck farmers who drove their produce to New York City once a week to sell.  The pond offered many wading opportunities to catch frogs and goldfish in summer and ice skating in winter.  It’s possible I used to meet playmates there.

I don’t remember ever knowing a “Keith”.  The name that came to my mind right away was the name, “Louis Bermudez”.  He was the cutest little boy with red, curly hair.  I was too young to have a crush on him but I particularly liked him, I suppose because he liked me.  His name came up the previous week because Maxine’s heart doctor’s name is Dr. Edward Bermudez and I drove her to her appointment.  As far as I remember, Louis was only living down the street from me for a year or so; then, his family moved back into New York City (Coram is about 70 miles east of NYC).  What I remember most about him is that he wanted to play with me one day and called my name over and over again from down the street.  I must have been feeling perverse that day because I refused to answer him.  I just went about playing where he could see me as if I hadn’t heard a word.  I have felt so guilty about that.  I think he thought I was ignoring him because he was Puerto Rican but that wasn’t the reason.

The willows that George mentioned brought my friend Lin Wells to mind, as her niece was named “Willow” and she thought of the willow tree as the Tree of Life.  Maybe “Whispering Wood” was a development my sister, Jean, and her family lived in or looked at houses in.

George also mentioned seeing me climbing on rocks by the pond.  There were definitely no large rocks near or in the pond, as it basically was just a farm pond.  We lived in an area of pines and sand, no rocks, on Long Island.  I remember the farmer having irrigation ditches which terminated at the pond but I don’t remember any rocks in them, either.

By Sitter Karen V.

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