Spirits, Energy Swirls, Dots, More About Crystals, We Chat With Bartholomew & Mary, Touches, A Healing: Seance 5-21-12

Tonight’s circle consisted of Victoria and George, Barbara, Maxine, and myself. I added some new stones and crystals to our altar: a sunstone, a large clear, double-terminated crystal with a hematite occlusion, and raw moonstone.  I brought, also, a crystal bowl of water and fresh flowers (gardenias) to raise the energy level, as John Lilek had suggested.

First, Victoria gave messages (omitted). George opened the circle with our protection ritual, we all welcomed our guides and guardians, families and friends in spirit, mediums in spirit or not, and we “om’d” and sang the usual three songs: “Amazing Grace,” “In the Garden,” and “You Raised Me Up.”  While we were singing, Victoria started breathing heavily.

Suddenly, I got a sharp, frontal headache pain, which went away after a short time.  I saw a spirit hug the standing trumpet.  I saw, also, the outline of a bird.

There were lots of swirls of energy in the room, almost, clouds of energy.  The ceiling opened up and circles with dots in the center wheeled around the center of the room, as if the room were the universe.

Personal Note: According to Twyla (Yehwehnode) Nitsch, Seneca Indian medicine woman and storyteller, circles with dots in the center mean union or unity and universal oneness (see Language of the Stones by Twyla Nitsch.) 

Maxine was aware of a spirit sitting between Barbara and herself.  Barbara saw a large spirit in Victoria’s corner.  George noticed lots of areas of energy between Victoria and himself.

Suddenly, Barbara asked if any of us were feeling hot – she was feeling very hot.  The new, large quartz crystal with the hematite occlusion was situated on Barbara’s side, although it was aimed at Victoria.  Perhaps the large crystal accounted for the heat Barbara was feeling.  Maxine and I were comfortable, although we were aware of cold air all around us.

It was very quiet in the room for what seemed like a long time.  Then, suddenly, there was a loud “Ho!”  George asked if this was Bartholomew.  He replied, “Indeed it is, my boy!”  He said, also, that there were many here (in Spirit), lined up and ready to communicate.  He talked about the division between worlds being “soft,” making it easier to “reach through the crust” to communicate.  He said, “We’re in control of the body (meaning Victoria’s body)”.  “We bring you glad tidings of great joy.  Rejoice!  What a song it is!”

A faint, high-pitched voice came through.  George asked if it was Mary.  “Yes, indeed.”

Then, a very soft voice that sounded like it was coming from far away came through, speaking several sentences.  It was very difficult to make out the words.  I really couldn’t hear much of anything.  George caught a word here and there – enough to realize that this was important information.  As George said, the spirit might have told us the secret of the universe but we couldn’t have heard it.  It was everyone’s sincere wish that the voice had been caught on tape.  George asked who was speaking but got no response.  I asked if it was “Edwin”; no response.  George suggested to Bartholomew that perhaps he could assist the voice to come through louder.  Bartholomew said something like “Don’t speak,” directed to us.  And then, “We must leave now, but we’ll return if you all are willing and able.”

I held an apophyllite pyramid crystal with its apex aimed at Victoria, sending her and the spirits crystal and Reiki energy.  Also, George had us all breathe deeply to raise the energy level and assist the spirits.

We all felt that we had been touched; George, on top of his head; Maxine felt someone riffle her bangs; Barbara was touched on her leg; and I was touched on the back of my right shoulder.

When Victoria came back, she said that she had though that her guide, Mikhail, was going to take her to the caverns but he didn’t.  She said Mikhail and her guides were anxious to get her out-of-body.  She was surprised that Bartholomew’s loud voice had not brought her back (out of trance) immediately.  The spirits had given her a healing within her ears, she said, and, then, a teaching (lesson).

-By Sitter Karen V.

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