The Players

The Players

Chemist – Also called a Spirit Operator. A person in spirit similar to a medical doctor or a scientist. In physical mediumship this is the person who combines the ectoplasm with etheric substances to enable physical manifestation.

Guardian – A person in spirit connected to a person living on the physical earth plane. A guardian looks after the well-being of their charges and assists them in learning about, and improving, their state of mind, thought patterns, judgement, temperament, and wisdom. Also referred to as a secondary Guide or a Dr. of Philosophy.

Medium Victoria

Medium – Person who produces materialization of spirits, apports of objects, levitation, and other effects such as knocking, rapping, bell ringing, etc. by using ectoplasm and energy created from the cells of their bodies and those of seance attendees (the Sitters).

A close approximation to what Mikhail looks like.

Mikhail – Medium Victoria’s primary spirit contact in physical mediumship.

Sitter – A person who attends, or “sits” in a seance. Sitters often help supply the subtle energy needed for physical manifestation. They can be a source of observation and may communicate in a two-way conversation with those in spirit when a full spirit materialization, direct voice, or a trumpet is used.

Long-time sitters, from left: John, Nancy, Emily, Maxine, Barbara, Radana, Victoria, Darlene, Karen, George

Spirit “Standers” that gather around our Sitters.

Stander –  A person on the spirit side of life, usually one of many, who “stands” in an outer circle around our group of “sitters” on the physical plane.

Teacher – A high-level being in spirit who assists their student(s) with spiritual progression.

Victoria’s Grandmother – One of medium Victoria’s “team,” in spirit. She had received a reading from Edgar Cayce in 1945.

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  1. It should be noted that most of our regular Sitters are accomplished mediums and healers in their own right. I am deeply grateful for their wonderful friendship and magnificent skills.

  2. wilburn says:

    I would love to come up from N. Fort Myers and sit your circle. Please contact me via email ASAP.

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