For New Sitters

Tips for New Sitters

This blog is one of the best ways for new Sitters to familiarize themselves with what takes place in a seance. If you are going to attend our seance, please review at least the About, The Players, Terms, Seance Songsand Seance Schedule pages on this website along with a few of the Recent Posts of the seances. In addition, here is more information:

• An occurrence of physical manifestation can be perceived very differently by different people. For example, moving tentacles of energy might be seen by one person as a vine putting out new roots, another person might see a moving, living light, and yet another might see the same energy as snakes.

• Be prepared to be open to seeing things in a positive way. Always be aware that you are safe and protected and have nothing to fear. This will help you to have a good and positive experience.

• Be prepared to possibly be touched or to hear unexpected things. You may even see unexpected things, i.e. the ceiling might open to the sky or to the universe and suddenly you see the heavenly bodies in motion.

• It is a good idea to put your judgment on hold until you’ve had more experience with seances or other spiritual ceremonies, sweat-lodges, readings, etc. Expect friendly, helpful spirits, not negative ones.

Please don’t touch the ectoplasm, lights, sparks, mist, moving objects, or other phenomena! If touched, the plasma can snap back to it’s source (the physical medium) and cause severe injury. Below is an excerpt from a seance and photo of what can happen:

“…suddenly, without listening, an unexperienced lady-sitter grabbed for the hanky (floating, with illuminated squares on it) without permission. In that very moment, something slapped into the mediums face. 100 minutes after the incident several blood stains were already dried but still visible. We documented what looked as if the medium may have bled at least from the nose with photography. His upper lip and mouth corners were additionally full of dried bloodstains, what might have proposed also bleeding from the mouth.”

• Turn off or don’t bring cell phones, leave most jewelry at home. Our medium Victoria wears the same (washed) outfit each week, most of which are made from natural fibers.

• It is important to attend the seances each and every week to keep energetic harmony. Being a regular seance Sitter is long-term commitment.

Do sing all songs with feeling and gusto. Keep yourself alert and energetic during the seance. This helps provide the energy needed to produce phenomena.

• After the medium has entered trance (after the first song trilogy ends) you are welcomed and encouraged to talk and ask questions.

• Be sure to speak up if you see, feel, or hear something, or if you have a question.

• Most or all of the actual seance is held in total darkness. Although there are parts that have low light or dim red light, you should be comfortable with sitting in complete darkness for extended lengths of time.

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